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3 Ways to Use VPN Without Downloading Any App

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When things come about privacy then nobody on the internet is safe and there's a threat surrounding us about the leakage in privacy. For this reason, we use a proxy on the internet and what most commonly used is connecting with another server that is VPN server.

VPN, Virtual Private Network is another thing that is more common these days as this provides indirect access to the blocked site in your country. As per the information, a VPN used correctly can easily bypass your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and the government. When it comes using a VPN then there are many ways to use it but what's more common and of which most businesses are developed is the Premium VPN software or apps. Here comes a question, can we use VPN for free?

Yes, you can. I've compiled three methods by which you can use VPN for free without paying any amount on PC or your mobile.

VPN software is always annoying and has many complications like using more battery power, showing random advertisements, spamming your mobile data, draining the memory space and a lot more which are going to be removed when you use any of these methods.

Method Number 1 - VPN in your Phone/PC Settings

You might not know this. Your phone or PC has proxy settings which can be used to set up a VPN, Virtual Private Network of that device. Yes, you manually can set VPN on your device. Actually all VPN or proxy software use this setting.

So, how can You Use This Setting?

The VPN apps or software have a list of active IP addresses and their port number which is all that is required to set up a proxy. How can you get there? Easy, just go to your browser and search for “proxy list”. And here you will see the complete list of IP addresses along with their port number. Copy the IP Address and port number and place it in the VPN settings of your device. So, Here's how you can use this method -

For Android Device

1. Goto Settings and Search VPN

2. Select VPN

3. Click Add profile (+ symbol)

4. Select type as PPTP.

5. Enter any name of Your Choice like ' Techno Geek Zone' and for server address follow this link

6. Type Server Name from the link given in step 5 and Tap 'Save'.

7. Now Tap your VPN profile to connect.

8. Copy the Username and Password from the link given above in step 5 and paste it here.
     Check 'Save account information' to connect VPN in just one tap.

9. Tap Connect.
Note - VPN profile, Username, and Password are intended to be changed from time to time so do follow the link which has updated details and if you have more problems then watch the youtube video given above.

For Windows PC

1. Open Control Panel.
2. Search 'Intenet Options'. Click on Intenet Options to open it.
3. Goto Connections Tab.

4. Click on 'Add VPN...'

5. Enter any name of Your Choice like ' Techno Geek Zone' in Designation name and for 'Internet Address' follow this link

6. After pasting Server name into Internet Address click next.

7. Click on the VPN profile that you had just saved.

8. Copy the Username and Password from the link given in step 5 and paste in respective columns.

9. Click on Connect.

Note - VPN profile, Username, and Password are intended to be changed from time to time so do follow the link which has updated details and if you have more problems then watch the youtube video given above.

This method is easy and save your money because you don’t need to buy premium VPN software but has a little setback and that is you cannot switch proxy very easily. This problem can be solved by the second Method.

Method 2: Use Proxy Websites

Proxy websites provide free and safer access to blocked websites. You can open any URL inside it. Proxy websites are way safer than using VPN on your device because they provide an intermediate source to access content which your ISP can’t track. They can only see your activity which says you are using that proxy site and the content that you are visiting inside that proxy site depends upon how safer a proxy site is. So proxy sites are very safe and I personally have used them many times. But beware, do not share any personal information or open any site which requires a login and uses your private data. They are safer from one perspective but another way you cannot trust anybody not to share your passwords.

How to use proxy sites?

There are many proxy sites that you can search on google but I personally recommend this four website –
2. VPNBook
4. Kproxy

Just go to any of these websites, type the URL which you want to access and select any server from which you want to access that website. And now we can access any website like this. But apart from advantages, this method has one big problem and that is you cannot download the files directly from the proxy website for this we have the third method.

Method 3: Inbuilt Browser Proxy and Extensions

Inbuilt browser proxy is the proxy that the browser provides inside their settings. These proxy settings can be changed and you can get the IP addresses and port number from here. There are certain browsers which come up with inbuilt proxy settings like Chrome, Firefox, and Tor. You can use these browsers to apply VPN inside their settings. But for your Android and iOS devices, you can download Yandex Browser which supports chrome extensions. You can install any VPN extension from the chrome web store and add it to your Yandex Browser but I always use Zenmate VPN which provides safe and fast browsing experience. You can get extensions for chrome from Chrome Web Store and for your mozilla, you can get it from firefox addons.

You can also use extensions in your android for browsing anonymously in your Yandex browser, the only browser to support chrome extensions in Android and iOS devices. Here's the tutorial to use extensions in your android device.


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