Engaging Customers by Creating a Web and Let them Spend More Time on Blog

Hey geeks, this is a quick and short blog post in which I will tell you one of the best technique to engage traffic on your site and let your customers to spend more time on your blog.

# Creating Web for your Visitors to Crawl in

Every blogger wants to attract more and more visitors but there are only few ways of which you can generate traffic to your blog, and once you generate traffic, nobody wants to let go visitors. Everybody wants that visitors go through their different post and sections of the blog but it's not necessary they see the complete post and go through all your posts that you have linked down there as related posts. Once a visitor visits a post, don't let him go, and this can only be done by Creating Web for them to crawl in.

How can we create Web?

That's easy, you just have to figure out the post similar to that which user may visit and place it in different part of the blog post.

What an E-Commerce site do when you visit its landing page? They don't let you go.

They show us products related to our interests and continuously track our behavior so that they can show more relevant, perfect and mouth-watery deals which you can't deny of purchasing. We have to do the same but here we don't have previous analytics of the visitor, in fact the visitor is completely unknown to us. 

Here is the tricky part; you have to identify the related posts which visitor may like reading. 
Let's take some an example -

Related post title can be - Best PlayStation Games of 2018
                    Best Emulators to run PlayStation Games on your PC
                    Spider-Man 2018 PlayStation Review

To get attention to other links you must distribute your links anywhere in your blog post where user may find interesting to open it. The linking of related post must be there on every post so that the visitor visits every single post one after other spending more time on the blog. Here is what most of you might get confused of Related Post. Look I'm not talking about the post that appear down there on the blog based upon the tags you put in, I'm talking about manually creating a link of posts within every post so that the visitor gets more and more options for visiting similar post of his interest.

Where to place The Links?

The best place in a post for links is right after finishing a paragraph, and before or after a heading. What most important is the display text of the link, it must be attractive enough to be clicked by the visitor.

                                                                                                                                                                 Image Source: pixabay.com

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