Play Only Audio from Youtube Videos | Only Audio Youtube Extension for Chrome and Firefox

We all love youtube videos and watch videos most of the time on youtube but not only we watch videos but also play some beautifully sung songs across the world. To save your internet data from getting used by those youtube videos which you might not be watching, we have Only Audio Youtube Extension for chrome and Firefox.

What Audio Only Extension Does?

Audio only extension lets you to play only audio out of youtube videos, enabling you to save more internet data without compromising with the audio. It lets you to explore the same youtube interface without disrupting it. You can explore the same youtube that you were using before the extension loaded. The extension only stops the video to be buffered on your system, not disturb any other youtube elements which helps you not to compromise with the youtube experience.

How to Load Extension?

Here are few simple and easy steps to follow :

For Chrome :

  1. Visit : chrome web store
  2. Search for  'Audio Only Youtube'.
  3. Find the one which is Offered by Phantom. if you are not able to find it, follow :
  4. Click on Add to Chrome.
  5. Click on Add Extension.

For Firefox:

  1. Visit : Firefox Add-on Store :
  2. Search Youtube Audio only.
  3. Click the one with Author as craftwar.  if you are not able to find it, follow :
  4. Now click on 'Add to Firefox'.
  5. Click Add.

How To Play Audio Only from Youtube Video

Activate Extension : Once You have added Extension for your browser click on the Audio Only Extension if it is not activated.



Now Refresh the Page and Play following Video :

Now Goto Youtube an play some videos.
Here is one video which I suggest you to play :

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