How Dangerous is DDos Attack For Your Blog | Save Your Blog form DDos attack

What is DDos attack?

DDos attack, Distributed Denial of Service attack is the continuous and vulnerable effort to use the resources of a blog or a website by millions of devices simultaneously until site reaches it's maximum user count. DDos attack is made by hackers which involves various devices at a single time to use resources of site so that they may stop the functioning of the site and site may loose their genuine customers. DDos let the site to keep busy in fake customers who are just sending vague requests to the site. This costs site to loose their real customers as there is no slot empty for them to visit site. They are displayed through messages like "Site Server Crashed! Please try again later" or "Unable to load website. Website is taking too much time to respond". DDos attack is a very clever attack by the hackers which involves the devices of you and me, and anyone who is still online from his computer or his mobile or smart TV.

The Massive Website Hit of DDos

The massive and the biggest DDos hit of the history is recorder on 28th February 2018, which attacked Github.

It was the biggest hit of history about 1.35Tbps speed. Although websites like twitter, amazon and spotify have also suffered from DDos attack in past but this one was the more heart-blowing as the traffic driven to the site was really a huge one of 1.35Tbps. This blocked the site for other users and nobody other than hacker devices were able to use them for about 4 minutes. Later they recognize the attack and blocked the addresses and perform the firewall action or they might have completely blocked their UDP port 11211 for temporary basis.

How DDos Attack is Performed?

DDos attack is one which requires alot of devices to be active at the same time and able to perform the given task right at the moment they are required to do so. While performing a DDos attack hacker must have large number of devices online and actively connected to the internet. If you have a less security for your device and somehow through any kind of spamming or hacking tools hacker will be using your device for his benefit like DDos attack. He will collect all the devices one which he has hacked and ones which other hackers from globe had hacked, they put all the devices actively to perform DDos attack on the targeted website which results in the blockage of services for the website.

The strength of DDos attack lies in the number of the devices attacking at the same time and also which service they are hitting and the amount of data transfer speed, how much data the are exchanging with the website.

DDos attack will get powerful in upcoming time

As the time passes the world gets connected with smart devices and this is the main reason DDos will empower its attack in future. We'll have large number of connected devices and as written no device is 100% secure there may be a chance to breach the security of device and got hacked. The large the number of devices the large the will be the power of attack. Every site have a limited bandwidth and in future, there is a chance that websites will increase their bandwidth but by watching the rate of creation of new devices in the market the bandwidth increment will not cause much affect in protecting from DDos.

Does DDos attack results in insecurity of data for site?

No, actually DDos attack is only for consumption of bandwidth and to prevent the usage of service that website provides. It does not affect any kind of data in the database of the website but the data flown outside the website to user may get affected.

What if Blog has been hit with DDos attack [How to save it]

Sometimes hackers try to hit blogs with DDos attack, in that case they are ether trying to get money from you or try to destroy your advertising fields. They may be responsible for blocking your real blog visitors for a long duration of time and may destroy your advertising revenue through invalid click or impressions. So, what necessary step you could take at that moment.

  1. The first and most primary task is to disable your adsense advertisement temporarily or any other third party advertisements 
  2. You can temporary put you blog to offline mode [but this is not recommended]. 
  3. Since you can not block countries in you blog all you can do is just let it do whatever a DDos can do. Your data will always be secure in the DDos attack and the only thing that will change is increasing your site visitors.

Why hackers perform DDos attack?

Hackers perform DDos attack just to cut down your services from your customers. They either perform DDos to get money from you or they may have revelry in past. There is no reason for DDos as it does not affect database or they cannot steal your data to sell or blackmail.

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