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How to Fix Mixed Content Errors After Moving to HTTPS in Blogger [Not Showing Green Lock Icon]

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If you have recently moved your blog from HTTP to HTTPS[SSL] then you may need to fix the mixed content errors. So what is Mixed content errors? Well, mixed content is just a sort of mixture of HTTPS links along with HTTP link while a blog or website loads completely.

This is when a number of your files like JS, pictures are requesting to load using hypertext transfer protocol rather than the recently installed HTTPS. this can be a giant drawback for bloggers using the previous templates.

This is why BlogSpot provided the new themes therefore to overcome mixed content errors. But still, if you like your theme most and do not wish to go for the new themes then I will assist you out.

It's reaching to be to a small degree work, particularly once you are terrified of your template hypertext markup language. therefore first thing is to make a copy your template.

1. Replace all HTTP with HTTPS

Go to themes >> Edit HTML >> Using CTRL + F search for HTTP. You would find a lot of URLS. Now all you simply need to do is replace all these HTTP with HTTPS. - All of them both images and external links.

2. Using Default Blogger Search Box?

If you are using default blogger search box, then you will also have a problem with the mixed content error.

Go to themes >> Edit HTML >> Search for the below code.

<form expr:action='data:blog.searchUrl'>

If found, replace it with the below code.

<form expr:action='data:blog.searchUrl.https'>

That should fix any problem with mixed content. But then these files might just be in blog widgets added in the layout section so be sure to visit layout and inspect each widget for HTTP URLs.

Next time whenever you visit your blog then you can use CTRL + Shift + J to find and verify if there is any mixed content error. If you find any of those then feel free to change them in your template or post.

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