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Your graphics card driver is outdated Error in Nox App Player - [Solved]

Posted By : Satyendra Maurya | Last Update : 5:27 AM | Category :

Nox App Player allows you to run Android games and apps on your PC and take advantage of a bigger screen. By creating a virtual android OS on a PC, Nox App Player enables PC users to use Android apps and play Android games on a desktop with the benefit of a bigger screen, better hardware performance, and easier control.

Recently while installing Nox App Player in one of my friend's laptop I got an error featuring a problem "Your graphics driver is out of date”. Later on, this problem got an excellent solution ending up with a graphic update with suitable drivers which is sometimes a bit hard to find.

The only solution for this problem is "Updating your Graphics Driver, nothing else."

Most of you may solve the problem by updating graphics driver, some may not. For those who still receive this error, please:

Try some different drivers to find the most compatible one or change to a stable driver version. If you face any issue regarding Graphic driver update then you may visit this website for help.


  1. instale todas las versiones posibles del driver y aun no puedo iniciar el instalador me da el mismo mensaje de error

  2. we are not stupid youknow? we too updated the graphics card but it saying same problem you fucking clickbaiter

    1. The only solution for this problem is "Updating your Graphics Driver, nothing else." That's it. I don't want people to roam here and there for the thing they will not get.

    2. As cute as the response is, I too like to be condescending to people when I write at them, when our graphics drivers are fully updated and the problem persists we have to question your would be solutions.

    3. open nox mutiplayer manager and set direct dx and save settings (problem solved)

  3. Me pasa igual y estoy actualizado

  4. I notice this error message when updated nox 2 versions ago, every since then i have got this error message, ihave switched desktops and still received this message. currently running


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