Remove Virus Instantaneously Without Any Anti-Virus Program

What is a Computer Virus?

Computer Virus is the malware program which destroys or damages data on our computer, or make multiple copy of itself to dump the memory of our PC. So basically it is a type of software only, and it gets executed only when it is currently running on our PC. If we just stop the execution of that virus then we can easily stop the damage on our computer by that virus.So, here are some Geeky steps to follow to stop virus on your computer.

Step 1 :Understanding the Type of Virus that Hit your Computer

Viruses are of different types and have different attacking targets, some attack on explorer, some on media files and some try to dump the computer's memory. This step of identifying the type of virus is necessary because you may be able to understand what this virus is trying to do. Go ahead and search on google which type of virus has attacked your PC.

Step 2 : Checking If The Task Manager or Explorer has been disabled?

Try to open task manager and see if windows explorer is working or not.
For Task Manager 
  1. Press Alt+Ctrl+Del key  or Ctrl+Alt+Del key, a security window will appear.
  2. Now just select Task Manager from the Security Window.
  3. If Task Manager is Working then it's okey for us.
If Any of them is disabled then follow Step 3.

Step 3 : Running PC on Safe Mode

After acknowledging the type of virus that hit your computer you now may aware of the attacking target of that virus. If your task manager has been disabled then run PC on safe mode by - 
  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Continuously press F8 key for few times until hardware properties are not appeared.
  3. When you see those hardware properties then use arrow keys and select Safe Mode option and press Enter key.

Do This If Your Task Manager Or Windows Explorer Has been Disabled

  1. In safe mode goto  C:\Windows\winsxs\
  2. Search taskmgr.exe or explorer.exe in the search box or you may manually open folders and find the file taskmgr.exe or explorer.exe .You may find that file in the folder starting like this "x86_microsoft-windows-taskmgr.resources" or "x86_microsoft-windows-explorer_".
  3. Now copy that file and replace and past it at "C:\Windows\System32" if it is taskmgr.exe And if it is explorer then paste it at "C:\Windows".
Now that you have done this step your task manager and explorer may have been recovered.
Now Restart your computer back to normal mode and move on to step 4.

Step 4: Only Run Those Files Which Are Necessary

Open Task Manager.
Click on Processes Tab. And note down all the processes that are running on your PC.
Now check if Task Manager have These Items on it's list

Now Except 

Delete all other processes by right clicking on it and selecting end process tree.
If The Process are not ending and showing messages like this - 

The Right Click on the process and select open File Location and note down the file location address and the file name in notepad.

Step 5: Run Your Computer on Safe Mode To Remove Suspicious Files

Now when you have all data that is the programs which have virus, and the programs which are not terminated by the taskmanager, all you have to do is to run your pc on safe mode (as above described).

When you are in safe mode, then open the notepad file where you have saved the locations of suspicious files. Manually open each location and delete that file.

Now you have completely removed suspicious files which were spreading viruses in your computer.

So this was the 5 Step Process to Delete almost any type of virus from your computer. Hope You enjoyed.

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