Best Ways To Monetorise Your Blog To Get More Visits

Here is a quick fix guide to monitor your blog to get more visitors. Every blogger has some roadblocks and milestones to complete, so for the bloggers who want that their blog get more attractive to visitors then here are the steps to make it possible.

Looks : All That Matters

The appearance of your blog is more important because every reader wants the blog to be more reader friendly means the blog reader can read long posts for long time easily. For this you have the better color combination for the theme you have selected or customized. Light colors are more reader-friendly than that of dark complexion colors. The color selection also depends upon the type of blog you are working. Here is a list of colors suitable for different type of blogs.

Type Of Blog                                    Basic Suitable Colors                            Blog/Website to Learn From
Culture Blog                                     Combo of Dark + Light colors     

Graphics Blog                   Black and Grey & Dark Complexion colors                                             

Technology Blog                                   Light Colors

Fashion Blog                          Red, Light blue, Yellow, Purple         

Color Trend - Actually we need to care about the color trend of the blog. When I searched for popular blogs what I found was that the basic color used in popular blogs is white. Use Light colors for your blog if it's not a kind of Fashion, Gaming or Culture blog. For these blogs more preferable is to use dark colors with some good background images. But remember when you are the beginner for blogging then you need to take care about the speed efficiency of your blog that is either you use website compressor to open blog quickly or you reduce graphics(Background images). Overall for light complexion colors, they don't add more pressure on our eyes and allow the readers to read for longer time and can be used in any type of blogs whereas for dark complexion colors, they puts a pressure on the eyes of readers and they may face difficulty to read blog for long period of time. So you need to decide colors of your blog on two basis :-
  1. Speed of blog.
  2. Type Of Blog.

Get Consistency Over Page Views

You know what most of bloggers loose is the consistency of the page views. Page Views of the blog are one of the basic needs of a blogger to start earning from his blog through Google adsense or other advertising companies. So basically how could we make it possible for your blog to get consistency in page views. This can be done by changing the quality of content you provide for your blog.Some points to be remembered when you write a post :-
  1. Write the content in simple language that you use for your blog.
  2. The appropriateness of the content. The content must be more specific and to the point.
  3. Use points to clarify the detailed matter.
  4. Appropriate grammar must be used.
  5. Don't forget to bold the most important points of the post which you want your visitor to focus.

These were the simple methods that most of us would be aware of. Apart from these points, the point to be more focused is the way you "Attract Users" to your blog and engage them to spend more time on your blog. This can be done through Attractive Images, the header image and the footer image of the post are really helpful in attracting users to your blog and even they give users the hint for the content of the post. Attractive header image of the post really help bloggers to reduce bounce rate as they satisfy the hunger of the user and make them patient to read the post.
For engaging visitors to spend more time on blog click here to view previous post. (Engaging Customers : One of The Best Way to Attract Traffic and Let Your Customers To Spend More Time on Your Blog)

Write International Posts

Writing international posts means to write the posts that does not belong to specific country or area. The post which deals with some specific location does not attract user's keen interest. If you write posts related to specific location or region then that post might be less preferred by users as they might not be interested to the post. So what I do is, I really avoid these kind of posts and I also suggest you to avoid these kind of posts. This is not applicable to travel blogs.

Write Evergreen Posts

One of the best ways to attract more and more visitors to your blog is by writing evergreen posts. By writing evergreen posts I mean to say that  write some posts which your users will always search on as a newbie for example : Most of the newbies don't know some basic of blogging and many queries related to SEO. So you can write a fantastic post on SEO which clearly describes the meaning as well as it's importance.

Write Unique Posts

Often I have seen peoples they copy the full posts of others and publish it on their blogs without permission of the owner and this is very harmful for their blogs as if complained to DMCA they can take down your post without even your concern. Also for a blog's reputation it is advisory to have unique and well written posts. You can take help of some other blog posts to get an idea or you can copy some part(If allowed by the owner) but there is no penalty to have some idea from their posts to have some knowledge to complete your post.

Monitoring SEO

Monitoring  SEO is one of the best way by which you can improve page visits upto 60%. So here's the big question arises What is a SEO?

Actually SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means to get page views through search engines. The process of SEO involves indexing your page in search engines, search engines sort page according to the result searched and then showed to the visitors. When you write a post then there are about two hundred factors by which your post get indexed in the search engine and these are responsible for showing your post in search engine's page and it may happen with every beginner that when they write a post then they even don't find their post within 10th page. If you get your post into first 10 page of the search engine then this is really a big victory. SEO is all the game of indexing, if your page got indexed in earlier pages of search engines then this will greatly effect your traffic because mainly users get into your blog via search and if your posts will not be shown on results then the post you are writing will have no traffic and if post gets indexed then only visitors will visit your blog via search engines.

Here are some of the SEO factors listed and explained

Title of the Post - The title you select for your post must be directly related to the searched keyword.
The URL of the Post - The Url you select must be short and as well as it must be maximum matched with the searched keywords.
The Size of The Content - The size of your content also matters a lot cause search engines must give the relevant results. The average post must exceed 1000 words to get more effectively indexed. Long posts are really effective.
Type of Content Written - Search engines also matches the keywords that you use in the content and it also give preference to the type of content you write. As many times the searched keyword is found your post is preferred more.
Copyrights - Google and other search engines avoid the copyright contents and this may lead to the fall in page rank of your blog. And also avoid duplicate contents in your blog.
Links - Links that you use in the post can strengthen your page results. Linking your own post within another posts is one of the best way to get more traffic to your blog through internal linking.
Referral Links -  If your page is referred from other top websites then this may help you to improve page rank.

Socialization Of Post : Getting Page Views Through Social Media

Till now we have discussed about the direct methods that affect page views of your blog but now the factor that indirectly affect your page views is social media and it is really useful for beginners to built the strong base for their blog as they have to get user's interaction which better can be done by impact the social media.
All you have to do is to share right posts to right people. You can make a group of likely minded people and share posts which have more probability.

Impact of Home Page of The Blog

Home page of blog have a huge impact over the blog readers. Let's suppose that you are the reader of some of my post in my blog and probably you like that particular article and you want to look inside what's there in the site which may help you, then your first approach either will be menu of blog or the home page. So creating interactive home page also affect user's approach over the blog content.
Some points that you can remember when you develop the home page -

Displaying of Posts

Here are some of the examples from some of the popular blogs that may help you.

Don't laugh because our blog is also popular one

My Personal Opinion

Take inspirations from these blogs and create your own method of getting your blog successful because people want to see what you can do not what they want you to do. Do not try to copy the methods that other blogs already have, just take some ideas and create your own unique way and focus on what you can do to attract more visitors. Usually people don't always get attracted towards what they like, they also get attracted towards what majority of people like and, this is the trend which is getting viral and that is why many blogs don't get success. What most of bloggers do is that they think of how they earn money from their blog, but here is another big problem that there is no surety that you can earn money by working on your blog for hours, days, months, years, so do what you want, write what you want to write on your blog. Don't jump to the step that what your readers want, cause readers are the people who are dependent upon the content of blog that is you, then there is no way to depend upon your readers, and had a lot in thinking what your readers want you to do.

It's Your Blog And It's All Your Empowerment.

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