How To Get Featured Thumbnail Of Any Youtube Video? [Updated]

If you are working on an entertainment blog or any blog related to the publishing of youtube videos then it is a problem to get pictures of the videos. Sometimes you may need to capture it but using this code your work is going to be so easy.

Just change the id of video with code given below(Below the Eminem's Photo) according to your size need and place it in download then your picture will appear and from there you can save it.

I am changing the id with Eminem's Rap God Video

To Change The Size Of Thumbnail use the Code as shown below:

  • Player Background Thumbnail (480x360 pixels)

  • Start Thumbnail (120x90 pixels)

  • Middle Thumbnail (120x90 pixels)

  • End Thumbnail (120x90 pixels)

  • High Quality Thumbnail (480x360 pixels)

  • Medium Quality Thumbnail (320x180 pixels)

  • Normal Quality Thumbnail (120x90 pixels)

And additionally, the next two thumbnails may or may not exist. For HQ videos they exist.

  • Standard Definition Thumbnail (640x480 pixels)

  • Maximum Resolution Thumbnail (1920x1080 pixels)

Use a third party website to download thumbnail directly

Visit and then just paste your YouTube video link in the box given and click on the Download button.

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