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Gagism Multimedia Responsive Blogger Template | Templateism

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Gagism is based on Futuristic UI build for images gags websites. We have put together an amazing CMS interface for all those gag loving people who always desires to have a pictorial, or memes based site on Blogger platform. Most people find it difficult to start a gag site on WordPress due to fewer funds, but now they can have a professional gag site even on Blogger BlogSpot. Random Posts button, Rating system, Social buttons and lots of essential elements that were never seen before on a blogger site.

Features of Gagism Responsive Blogger Template:

  • 100% Responsive Blogger Template: It works perfectly with all dimensions either it is High resolutions and low resolutions monitors such as iPad, iPhone, Android and etc.
  • SEO Friendly: Most people complain that image sites are less SEO friendly making it a lot difficult for Search engines to crawl and index the images and posts. However, we have kept our standards high and come up with a highly optimized image template for Blogger.
  • Star Rating System: Unlike other sites, you will notice a five star rating system below title of each post providing flexibility to users to rate your gag with either a one star or five star rating. This gives an idea to other users about the quality of your posts.
  • Reblog Gag Button: We have also added a “Reblog” gag button that enables users to share your gags on their blogs while giving a proper backlink to their original source. This helps you to make your gag go viral across different blogs.
  • Multi-Drop Menu: Like our previously released theme Wedding Mag, this template also supports multi-level drop down menus giving much more room to you to add more categories to your site..
  • More Features: Gag Based Image site, Cloud Labels, 3 Colum Blogger Template, 4 Colum Footer Widgets, 2 Sidebars, Number Page navigation, Orange customizable color scheme and much more exciting features.

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