Hack Your Brain And Make Words Your Key Model : How Words Affect Your Life

Hello friends, this is Nicket Singh and welcome you here on technogeekzone.com. In this session I'm gonna tell you how words change your behavior and how you can use words to change your mood as well as some inspirational tips you can get from this session, how you could motivate yourself when ever needed(a few seconds work).

Words Affect Your Behavior 

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Starting from the basic concept that how words change your behavior. Well in fact this is the psychological phenomenon and the concept has been fully approved by the scientists. Let’s move on further taking a common example of most of us,  "I am not rich", "It really needs a lot of hard work to be successful", "Money is not grown on trees”, “I’m a nerd and I cannot get a perfect partner", "Everybody criticize me". These are some most common negative examples what we often use in our daily life. And you don't know how these words actually frame your real world. Let me explain you in deep.

As we move on to the spiritual concept, we are told that we have two worlds, the inner world and the outer world. The inner world affects the outer world. What we store in our mind clearly that is in the inner world what we are our brain tends to change the outer world according to the inner world. So we need to change our inner world that is the world of our thoughts.

Now simplest thing, our words we say actually affects our thoughts. You might remember the famous saying of Buddha "What we thing is what we become". The main sense of this quote was to explain the basic concept of thoughts in just few words. Our words affect our thoughts and further, our thoughts affect subconscious mind and subconscious mind changes our inner world. And when our brain found that the image we were holding in our mind was being replaced by another image then it try to re-consolidate the outer world which is possible by the most common and famous law "The Law of Attraction". Well, we'll not cover the whole Law of attraction in this post cause this is such a big topic and I'll explain you deeply in other post. Look out what Law Of Attraction says, it says "Like Attracts Like". What we command or wish to have something like "You wanna buy a car”, “A brand new Lexus" or any other you prefer, your brain sets all the energies to work for you to achieve that goal. It doesn’t matter what you order or wish, it actually knows the language of emotions, emotions yes, It understands the language of emotions. The powerful the emotions are the powerful results will be.

You might be thinking "Why changes aren't occurring faster". The answer is, every change needs some time, and it also depends upon how big your goal is! 

So our thoughts actually are responsible for change of our life.

Simply -
Your Words and Thoughts Affect Your Emotions/Outcomes/Behavior

Words we use >> Our Thoughts >> Thinking >> Subconscious mind >> Inner world >> Outer world
This is how words affect our life.

The Most Important Part Most of You might be waiting for this

How Could we Use words to transform Your Mood?

The answer is "Affirmations", what "Affirmations"!.
Yes, Affirmations, these are one of the powerful tool that can transform your mood when ever you needed. Affirmations are the simple sentences or the group of words which simply creates stream of emotions in your brain.

How to write affirmations?

Step 1 : Decide what you want exactly. Cause vague mindset gives you vague results. So decide exactly how you wanna feel and in which field of life, achievement, personal life, study, sports and others. Now have a look what I decided when I was writing affirmations for first time. I decided I’ll write affirmation to make my brain's neurons more powerful. So i wrote famous line "I Am a Genius and I Apply My Wisdom". Actually from my kindergarten age i was like very much confused, so for removing this confusion i used the above affirmation, and really it works.

Step 2: Write affirmations that make you feel energized. We can not set length for affirmations cause they are simply tool to carry on emotions to the next level where your brain follows the processes that i've discussed above.

Step 3 : Just write it down and replace with other affirmations when you feel somewhat boring or you are not able to get the proper feeling that you want.
These are some tips and tricks to hack your brain when you want to ....

How To Use Affirmations

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You can use affirmations when ever you feel like to do so. Just read them whether loudly or in your mind , doesn’t matter a lot, just check both methods cause some people get inspired by speaking a loud in open space and some quietly in their mind. And the most powerful technique to use affirmations is Mirror technique. Just stand in front of the full sized mirror and move your head close to mirror and watch in your eyes, direct eye contact can make you feel inspiring. Just watch deeply in your eyes and say you affirmation like "I am gonna achieve 98 percentage in my examination and no one can stop me from doing this".
Note: Just try to use different methods that i have mentioned above to use affirmations, don't stuck on one method. Try experimenting different methods.

P.S I forgot to tell you how you can motivate yourself using words or affirmations.
You can motivate yourself using affirmations by just changing them on right time, when ever you feels that they got boring you try another. You can use mirror method that i have told you above.
Transform Your Life The Way You Want It, and Soon The World Will Be Your's
Soon I will be covering, how you can activate more neurons in your brain, and to become genius using brain waves technology
Thank You.

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