How To Transform Your Life Using Some Basic Principles Which Never Fails

Everyone in the world wants to become a millionaire, want to have luxurious and successful life. Here is a video of Jack Canfield who explains how to use some principles and transform your life into success.

Let me introduce you with Jack Canfield

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Jack Canfield is one of famous writers of America, he wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul which at it's initial stage was rejected by more than a hundred publishers. But he never lose his temper, he and his partner Mark Victor Hansen bot tried at their ends to find a publisher. Finally they got a publisher who was ready to publish their book. And guess what happened, their life totally changed, they hit the best seller award and they sell 10 million copies in one day. He wrote 225 books and out which he had 61 best seller books.

Jack Canfield is an author, motivational speaker and the success coach for about 20 or more years. He had inspired a lot of people in their lives to come out of their comfort zone and hit the success on their feet.

In this Seminar he explains how he become a millionaire and how he completed hundreds of his goals. He is one of the finest teachers of the law of attraction. You can learn a lot from him.

He tells about the exclusive power of goal setting. Here is the list of Jack's Goals: Jack Canfield's Goals

Enjoy the seminar ...

After watching this seminar you will be able to know how to use your will power to initiate and terminate your goals effectively.You will be learning most of his success principles which he wrote in his life transforming world class book "The Success Principles : How to get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be"

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