Real Success Lies in Your Subconscious Mind

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What is Your conscious Mind?

Conscious part of our brain is responsible for instinct calculation. It controls present time thoughts and actions. Example If you were asked 5+5? Then your instinct answer will be 10, this is controlled by your conscious mind.

What is Your Subconscious Mind?

Subconscious part of brain controls the past time thoughts or memories, but it’s not the permanent storage. It holds images which happened a few hours ago or few days ago.  Example The images of previous night dance party or your 24th marriage anniversary.

What is your Unconscious Mind?

Unconscious mind is which is responsible for holding images in to your long time memory. These images might have more emotional touch with your brain at the time when they happened. Example your first house or your first date or when you opened your own company.

These type of achievements affect you emotionally, they have feelings but mostly man think that they are not in touch with the emotional part of their brain, if they think so then they are wrong every human has feelings or emotions whether they appear or not. For women, they are really very highly emotional, some of them expresses their emotional feelings whereas others don’t.

How your success lies in your subconscious mind?

When you are a little bit involved in the situation, then the image goes to your conscious mind, it decides whether information is important or not. If the it is important then it then proceed to your subconscious mind which then further hold the memory to your unconscious mind, if it is very important. This is how our mind works.
But what we are most affected by our subconscious and unconscious mind. They are the creator of our life.

A Little bit of Science

Sir Albert Einstein gave the law of relative theory that says that everything in the world is energy. The String Theory which says that everything in the world has it’s own vibrations. Our brains also generate waves, our thoughts are waves those are generated by our brain, so if we can control our subconscious and unconscious mind then we can easily get what we want.
Our subconscious mind has the image of society or environment in which we are living. It generates the same waves to live in that society. Here we can do to change our lives, we can change that image, the subconscious mind will generate the same kind of waves of which we have image stuck in our mind, this will create all the necessary conditions to get you actually to that place until you change that image.
This is how we can change our good life to the best life of which we just think of living but now we can imagine us living there and your result will depend upon the vividness of the image you hold.

A man is but the product of his thoughts.
What he thinks, he becomes ---- Mahatma Gandhi

All that we are is the result of what we have thought…
What we think, we become. ----Buddha

The energy of mind is the essence of life. ---- Aristotle

Being Successful is not that important but the thing that matters is being a creator of your own life. ---- Nicket Singh

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