How Could You Get 100% Result On Your Efforts

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Whatever we do never get's in vain whether it's meditation, study, visualization, personal development, or any kind of work. But there is a question arises that we always never get 100% results on our efforts, this is because we don't have exact mindset before we get what we want.
Work Done=Value Got

or you may specify in according to quantum physics

Energy released = Energy receive in the result form

But the only thing that pulls you back is your mindset. Here you will learn how you can actually get more result on your small efforts.

Select the form of value or true value you want.

Flickering mindsets destroy your efforts, the value may be distributed in many forms if you hold more than one thought at a time. Lets take an example- You are on your job, working more than 10 hours a day, thoughts that commonly arise in your mind is that you are not happy, you need happiness, now here's what you get the same salary no increment or promotion. At that time you must concentrate on what you want that is more salary.

So what you can do is

Create a Target or Goal or a Wish list

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Before you start writing all your goals you must be completely comfortable with the situations around you, either you meditate or get for outing where you are alone so that you may focus on your real goals you wanna achieve.

  1. Start writing your goals just as you remember them. You can select lifetime goals also. Be as specific as you can be. Here is what, when someone ask your address you specify all details including your house number also. Same thing you have to do here, Example:- I will launch my own website on 14th July 2015.
  2. Now when you list every single details your subconscious mind starts acting as if it has been instructed to do so with all minute details. It starts creating all the necessary conditions for your goal until you instruct it to do so that is till the time your mentality remains same. A change needs some time to appear.
  3. Daily reading of your goals stuck you to the constant mindset, visualization can also help you to get a constant mindset.

 Sort of thinking before going to next step

You must think or rule your thinking that your single step may lead to generate more true value than you may have. You can mater some quotes, or affirmations. Example - "I am in the process of attracting 95% marks in my final Examinations". Repeat more and more with the emotional feelings, you just not to say it actually you have to feel it that you are actually getting 95% marks.

Do work with Perfect Mindset

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What I derive in a mathematical way is that
 Focused Work + Powerful Mindset = True Value

If one of the factors will be less our result may not be balanced so try to balance both cause nobody can just attract wealth just thinking, if he try to do that then the law of attraction will pull him to do some work to get something. Non of two factors can be zero.

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