Engaging Customers : One of the best way to attract traffic and let your customers to spend more time on your blog

In this post I am going to tell you about some tricks to make your blog customers to spend more time. You can attract more customers on your blog.

#1 Create a web for your customers to crawl in

Source : http://i.telegraph.co.uk/

When you are thinking an article to write, you are not thinking on one topic but a group of similar topics also. In order to keep getting more customers you can create 5 more posts to link it with. Now attach link of your posts into one another. You may attach those helpful links after two or three long paragraphs. Remember don't annoy your customers by providing links which are out of topic, but just create a web of useful post that your customer is seeking.

Let's seek an Example: 
Writing post about 'Entrepreneur Qualities'

Now make your posts followed by some other posts. Also create post like 
'Movies that every entrepreneur must watch'
'Attitude of an entrepreneur'
'What an entrepreneur should do when he fails'

So here we can see that your customer who is searching about qualities of an entrepreneur will be following at least two posts or more. Here we created a web for him, so you got two page views instead of one. And if you are using adsense in your blog then you will be able to get some amount of profit by page views only.

Moving on to the Step 2

#2 Do not cluster all your posts on one place

As from step one you may see linking post is a lot more helpful. To get attention to other links you must distribute your links anywhere in your blog post where user may find interesting to open it.

One of the best place I have experienced is just below the matter ends or before the new heading starts.

Note: Most probably you must try to make option for opening links in a new window. This may attract user to open more links from previous page.

Moving on to the Step 3

#3 Way of Writing Contents of Your Heading

Source : www.entrepreneur.com/
Here is a good example of placing the links of related posts in the good place on entrepreneur.com.

The content of the heading must be broken into two or three paragraphs. The first paragraph just gives you a short knowledge or description while other paragraphs gives you the complete details of the heading.

This will attract the readers who do not have must time as they will read the upper paragraphs.

Note: The upper paragraph must have some specific highlights so as they will ensure the important of it else a temporary user may not able to judge your blog's content.

Advance Tip

While making profit from blog you must share your own experience of blogging. The best way you can get more and more customers by working less is just share every single secret of blogging or the topic your based on. Share every single experience cause world wants something more than that you can easily give.

Many would be thinking that by sharing every single point they could not hold on their position in the world but that's not the deal, every reader wants something more experienced and experimentally proven steps. So share everything, you can.

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