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How To Download Non-Public(Private) Videos From Facebook

Posted By : Satyendra Maurya | Last Update : 2:42 PM | Category :
Private facebook videos are those whose privacy is set as "private" or not "public" by the uploader and it is not possible to download that private video just by providing its URL to public facebook video downloader. For downloading private videos we have private facebook video downloader which will download any facebook video and save it to your computer.

"GetfbStuff" is a web application so it is platform independent (Download facebook video to Mac OS X, Windows, Ubuntu, or any Operating System).

Follow these steps to download facebook private video online to your computer.

Step 1: Go to the following website 

Visit the following website getfbstuff given in the link here (safe and trusted website).

Step 2: Get "page source" of private facebook video

Make sure it is hosted on facebook (if it is then URL will be something like ""). Right click open the video in new tab or window.

Now Right click on the page and select "View page source" to get it page source.

Before copying the whole page source just do a small check i.e. press "CTRL+F" and search ".mp4" (just to ensure that page source/HTML contains video link).

Now press "CTRL+A" and "CTRL+C" to copy the whole page source, this you will be needing to download your video.

Step 3: Open private facebook video downloader online

Now open Private Facebook video Downloader online, paste the whole "video page source" in the text box (press "CTRL+V"). And click on "Download" button to download private facebook video.

Step 4: Download & Save Private Facebook Video

Generally there are two qualitie of facebook video i.e. high resolution facebook video or low resolution facebook video .Based on the size of the video you can choose which one to download. 

Right click "Download" button and select "Save link As.." to save private facebook video to your computer.

If the facebook video link is not found or if some error occurs, you will be redirected to the "Error Page" where you can try once again to download private facebook video.Or download some other facebook video.


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