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This is the topic which is very often to all. We grow up and we curse our past, why we didn’t study in our past? All of us have to deal with this. Here are some steps which take you back from studying.
Here we go, How to study?

What Takes You Back From Studying?

Firstly sit for five minutes and think, what are the distractions that hold you back from studying? It may be watching Television or playing games on computer, it may be hanging out with friends, who are negative thinkers, or may be your own parents who think negatively. Try to ignore their thoughts, just focus on what your thoughts say, no matter how big are they but they must landed on ground.

Eliminating All Rubbish

Put off your distractions, and use your will power to encourage you. You can put off these distractions by only another good distractions like studying, but How?

Make A Tight Packed Schedule

Make a tight schedule you must follow to study. Spend some time in deciding what subject you want to study and at which time. You must remove all the distractions from the schedule. But do not mention studying time more than two hours continuously.

How to Start Studying?

Studying is the process of storing a useful amount of data into your subconscious mind. We cannot store the information just by reading at once. For long time storage we must store the information into our subconscious mind.

How To Use Subconscious Mind?

Subconscious mind understands things only if we emphasize more on one thing. The more we focus, the more we will be able to store it into our subconscious mind. The best time to learn is two hours before sleeping. Yes, this is correct, as your subconscious mind is readily activated when you are asleep.
Just try this example: Many of you would be listening music before going to bed. One hour before set your music player to loop the single music and continuously listen a particular song. If you are listening a romantic song then your subconscious mind is instructed to create romantic feelings inside you or even you can watch your crush holding you. This simply states that your subconscious mind can be programmed only be REPETITION.

Conclusion: By repeating things you generate a sense of feelings towards it, and here you can create a link between your subconscious mind and you. You can directly put information into your subconscious mind but it needs years of training.

Why Your Interest Killed When You Sit For Studying?

It is very serious problem that occurs with every person. When you sit down for studying often happens that you are not able to concentrate properly. Well for this you need to know, what actually study is?

What Actually Study IS?

Studying is knowing the world. When you study your aim is to focus on those elements of world that are mysterious. It’s just for you, it makes you aware of interesting facts, interesting feelings, emotions, way of living, origin of living. 

Studying is the set of experiments which are done to know the actual world
Studying is anything you know about it, to deal it with in thousands of ways. It is the collection of possible information for proving your point.

The big think that we are doubtful is our study. Many of us deal with the problem of studying standard. For all those I want to say that there is no boundary to gain any information, just cause we are divided into classes doesn’t mean that we can not perform beyond that class. We are divided into classes because school management wants to handle their own work efficiently.

Start Studying Like This


1. Create necessary conditions for studying. Practically it is seen that doing work with unclean surroundings may kill your interest. So clean your surroundings and desk.

2. For boosted up performances, do a 20 minutes meditation before you start to study (10 minutes meditation can also be efficient).
3. The more cornered (lonely) you feel the less you are distracted, so close all your doors and windows and turn off all the distractions.
4.  Read all the points written in you book with a lot of focus. You can read slowly for more focus, do not hurry up and do not thing any other things like “I have to go for playing, hurry up”. These all will distract you.
5. When ever these distractions comes into you mind, say to them “hold-on I am here to know the world, understand how it works, I can not leave it here.”
6. After reading for about 20minutes you just take a little bit of recap, just revise the things you read before. If it’s not possible then read the most important points.
7. Then take a deep long breath and watch here and there, or start walking here and there for relaxing your mind.
8. After five minutes exactly, turn on your study with the deep long breath again.
9. Repeat this process for at least an hour. But not more than three or four hours cause your mind needs a proper rest to store the information that you gave to it.
10.  Take 7 to 8 hours sleep for remembering things for longer period of time.

Tips: For more positive results see Visualization and Meditation and Daydreaming.

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