Guide To Make An Android App for Your Website or Blog for Free

There are many mobiles in the world with different types of OS(Operating System) including Java,Symbian,iOS,Windows and Android. But Android is the one and only OS preferred by many smartphones because of its vast features and is user friendly design and there are more than millions of android app available across the web and 90% of them are free of costs which made a great need of every website to have their android app. 

Now a question arises that why having an android app is a must for every website owners? 

>>>It gives a authentic look to the website owners.

>>>User-friendly websites attract more visitors.

>>>Android apps are also a great source of revenue.

>>>Users don't have to do extra effort to reach your blog or website i.e. One Touch Access.

Any special requirements to develop an app?

>>>You will need no extra coding skills.

>>>It is a third-party generated app i.e. you have to give your inputs and just relax.

>>>You are responsible yourself for the publicity of your app.

>>>If you want your app to be on Google Play Store then charge for sign in is $25.

>>>However you can make your users to download your app from the designer website.

Below is an example of publicity banner and link - [You can check by a click on the Banner]

How to Get your own Android app for your website?

>>>Visit the website - click here to visit

>>>Click on create now button as shown in below picture

>>>Select the app you want to develop but here we are going for Website app

>>> Enter the url of the website you want to create as an app and click on next.

>>>Give the name of the app you want your users to download it and click next.

>>>Give a description of your app and click next.

>>>Select any manual icon and click next.

>>>Finally you can see a preview and then click on create app.

>>>After clicking on create app appsgeyser will prompt you to register you to their website in order to get your app. You can also use Facebook login.

>>>After completing all these process you will get link and banners of your app in "Publish" tab in your appsgeyser dashboard.

Finally your app is ready to use and ready to publish!!!

Note:This app will open your website's or blog's mobile version in the device according to the size and orientation of the device.

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