How To Be a Good Programmer : A Programmer's Guide

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Hello friends, welcome to my new post, How to be a good programmer. Actually this post has the information about the programming qualities and how to develop programming skills. In this post you will be able to know the techniques to develop your mind for being programmer. And also, you will know what is taking you back from being a successful programmer in the world.

What to be or What not to be?

For being a stable programmer, firstly your mind must be prepared for programming. You must be thinking, how you would you do that. Well leave that on us cause we are here to help you at every step. We will guide you at every single step, use our email service or comment us on our website.

Preparing mind for Programming 

For preparing mind, you must focus on what you are going to make. Either it is a game or a software. Then you must think of what it would do. Basically for what purpose you are making it. Just remember that. You must be clear for what you are making a program cause this will take you in the right direction without bifurcating your thoughts.

Think like programmer

Programmers have a serialized as well as multi-directional thinking. They have the way of dynamic thinking. A good programmer first visualize it's program and then he start working on it.
Let's now start, think of every single step of working, think, how would explain the computer what you want. A programmer thinks of every single condition whether it is wrong or right

Visualize Your Program


In order to make your programming process work efficiently you must visualize your program. So, how do you do that? You have to visualize everything you can. Let's take an example, suppose that you are making a picture editing program which has a dynamic theme. You must first visualize its appearance and then its working.

  1. Try to create all the menus and toolbar and every other essential thing that you must include.
  2. Then you have to re-access what's missing in that visualizing theme, also visualize the animation which you would put in you program.
  3. If you are done with that, then you may create theme of your visualization.

Result of Visualization:

Visualization creates a simple and direct link with your mind and removes all the flickering thoughts which distract you from your goal.

Visualization also makes you to create what's missing in the world that people needs.

Knowledge Of Programming Language

A good programmer has the knowledge of using the right programming language for right applications. He has the knowledge of two or more programming languages. You must expertise in one basic high-level programming language and other secondary languages for right products to make.

Example: You learned coding in java, that is the basic language and other secondary language for helping it is python.

Since every programming language has its own special qualities, those help them to make unique environment for programmers. Every language has its own algorithmic based calculation. So their calculation time sometimes differ in some or other algorithm.

So programmers have the right knowledge of the programming languages he learned.

Time Complexity

Every good programmer seeks for the minimum time within he can run his program effectively after removing all the errors. As you may know less time taking algorithm is always proffered more than that of more time taking algorithm, for that you need to enhance your cleverness while creating a program. So, how do you enhance your code or algorithm?

Well there are hundreds of books that you like to prefer from market but here look out these books, they are the best book for algorithmic basis. Have a look on this book, Data Structures and Algorithms in Java, 5th Edition by Michael T Goodrich and Roberto Tamassia.

Software Environment

In these daily sops of days we are introduced with one or other new software. Mostly softwares are new while others release their new versions. But many softwares lack in their environment. Many people are fond of using high screen resolution programs, while others want the accuracy as well as less time for completing a task in the program. Everything in one program can broke the reliability users. So you have two choices whether you choose to make same program with many skins including a high resolution as well as low resolution, but this can increase the size of the software. Another option you can make two versions of software and launching them one after another for different types of users, but if you don't have the budget for launching two versions together then you may go for the first option.

Well, for creating dummy of many high screen resolution program themes you can use Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and later versions and These softwares are free for use.

User Friendly Environment

User friendly environment, as the name suggests, these environment are easy to use and have animations and pictorial representation. Many users want to use their programs on just mouse clicks whereas others prefer to use shortcuts for their betterment. If you are making a program then you must include shortcut keys as well as include the best use of mouse click.

Some inspiration you can take from many softwares like Microsoft Word 2007, PowerPoint 2007 and other Microsoft office tools 2007 and web browser like chrome. They have pictorial representation of symbols.

What For Games?

Now days we have large demand of android game developers, because of the compatibility of android operating system. I have noticed the very special feature in android OS, it is capable of opening very large files that is big dimensions pictures and 1080p videos. While for programmers it is also good as android games and utilities can be made from many programming languages just download the android development package and start making your own android utility.

The game environment totally depends upon your own thinking; basically it's based on which category your game belongs. You can take an inspiration from pc games like Unreal Tournament which has it's own game engine. Mostly for games, environments are developed in accordance with user's mind. How users can stuck on playing games for hours?. Mostly people are just affected by the appearance and size of the game. They stuck like bees for hours to download the game whose wallpaper they have seen.

Temple Run, vector are running games which changed the android experience, they involve user to completely stick with the devise.
Source : AND

Solid Purpose of Creation

Each software is planned for some special purpose or to meet the specific need of people. Here are some softwares whose purpose lead them not only to be popular but also created them one in the top list of softwares.



The Original name of the software was "Weixin". It was started in October 2010 and till March 2012 it had more than 100million users. It has got it's popular name WeChat on April 2012. Now it was open for world market. And as the time pass by, it had 300 million users at the end of January 2013. Further its updated versions include payment center, games and sticker shop.

2014 shocking news for wechat, they have to close about 20 million accounts because of prostitution services that was illegally going on. But now it has millions of users and 300million users are from China.
When this app project was launched, people from rural areas were shifting to the urban areas in search of good living and jobs. We Chat developers want to remove the problem of connecting rural areas to urban areas in less cost. It has feature in which people can call via this app.

Chrome Browser for Android OS - A Google Product


It is the second largest downloaded android applications. It has many features like page pre-rendering, hardware acceleration, strongly supports HTML5 and the very special feature reduces data usage. Chrome has turned on this feature to compress pages from Google server before downloading them. Somewhere it was able to reduce the data usage.

Fruit Ninja


Fruit Ninja was the video game developed in Australia. It is the ninth most downloaded android applications. In this game player slices fruit with a blade and sometimes bombs are also thrown and player has to slice them with their sword.

This game doesn’t have the solid purpose of creation but it has the basic feature that emphases’ more on slicing down. For this feature this game is liked by the people.

Till now you have been able to know the qualities that a programmer must have. If you are aware of these qualities then too you are not able to work out with you then wait I have some more posts to help you out:

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