Science Zone : The Law of Attraction - Governing The Whole World [Must Read]

Hi friends, once more I am back with my new post, which includes how every person uses the Law of Attraction (LOA) indirectly. This post is to know you how the world is working and how it has been evolved into such high-tech world. Here you may know how we are giving way to our success, one step more close to be the master of law of attraction.

Here in this post you will know who is responsible for all tragedy that occurs with you, how world terrors come in reality. That’s all I’ll discuss here in this post. So be ready to for this journey with the law of attraction guiding the world.

The Law Of Attraction Guiding The World

Our mind flicker sometimes when we think how the law of attraction is constant for whole the world. If I say yes this is true that law of attraction is applied on every person as well as every object in this world. Your expression tends to deny it but that’s the reality. Let’s seek an example of few people in this world who uses the law of attraction in all their way – the Dynamo, who according to me best uses the law of attraction.

We all tribute to make our world as we want. But when we look around our world the common thing which we notice is the bad situations going on to the world. That’s we are attracting, we look around the world, and think about the criminal cases are increasing day by day. Somehow we are contributing our thought to bring up more of those cases. And if thousands of people think about it they are creating situations for this problem. Instead of this we must think about the good stuff that is present in this world we think it in the wrong way. But we cannot direct all big tragedies to responsibilities. Just you can do is your efforts to make this world full of glory.

When we think about something that is thought by others also, then it is believe that makes your wish alive. But look around, when somebody wants the precious thing that is only one of his kind, then what happens, the thing goes to that person whose intensity and frequency of vibes are more clearer, wider and more precisely asked. It just like we are running a huge drawing competition in which a single topic is provided to all its participants and their work is to explain it in very clear and precise form, that’s the winner.

When you are worried about the state of environment, you would have been worried about the trees are cutting down and industrialization is done by cutting forests. This attracts bad stuff. All you can do is just think positive and try to attract good stuff. That is the way of living.

If you think about all the world wide problems then you are attracting all the worst conditions that you are thinking about, you just can do is to be peaceful and be positive, and you must think of abundance of anything.

If your want to change the world then it’s your thoughts that govern how it would be changed. So, if you are feeling abundance of all good things then you are creating a better life and you are attracting it too. You are making your own world and your own dream to the reality.

Creator of Us – The Law Of Attraction

As you already know that the law of attraction applies on everything, so what about evolution? Well if there is any change in the world then it is the law of attraction that is responsible for it. You might exclaim, but that’s reality that the law of attraction was responsible for the evolution of human and everything present on earth after all everything present in the universe is made up of energy.

In simple words what we think becomes reality.

Law Of Attraction is a slow process

The law of attraction is the process which takes some time to succeed as there are some rules that every change in this world is a slow change as thinks may not appear extraordinary, or superficial, as we are living in the world which has changes, and those changes takes few time, so it is necessary to work on the rules of the world. 

 Well, you may think, how it is good?  You may think, if things goes so fast then we were not able to think properly than it is done, what is the benefit of having such a power which works too fast that our good as well as bad thoughts are done while we are not able to change it. It may be somewhere a problematic for us, cause things we don’t want could be done by our one wrong thoughts.

Language of the law of attraction

The law of attraction has its own language, the language of feelings that is inbuilt in every human. Since we speak different languages, but we have the same feelings.

What happens with our feelings? Our feelings are the generator of the vibes we emit out. So if we feel good we are good.

Let’s take an example : There was a boy, Mark, he want to become a computer programmer for which he has its own feelings. At his teenage he was not sure of his passion, but at the age of 19 he was able to know what he could do best so he decided to be a computer programmer. He struggled at the starting, but, after knowing about the law of attraction he changed his attitude, and reached at the stage where he say to himself that “I am the creator of my life”, ”I have the ability to do whatever I want”. And day by day when he grows, he feels more stronger than before, now he is good at his programming and that is the way he lives day by stronger in his programming.

To all teenagers : World is not a competition

Every student wants to hold a good rank either in IIT or in JEEE, but everything in this world is not a competition, we are born to be happy, not to be competitive.

Who is Your Real Competitor?

The real competitor of you is you yourself, cause when you think others to lose then it is you who is creating the for your defeat because this thinking creates the wrong thought in your mind to defeat others but you cannot others, you can do is better than others. To be competitive you must think in a positive manner to succeed. Thinking negative to others, makes your brain weaker and that is not a good sight for you. So in order to be the best you must try to compete yourself.

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