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The Law Of Attraction

Hi friends, you would be wondering, what is the law of attraction.Well this is the law which govern everything in this world.In this post you would be getting information of the law which was kept hidden from for thousands of years. The that matters in this world is the imagination. What is imagination, how does it works, how to use it. All this you would be able to know after reading this post.It is not a philosophy. It is the physics or the untold secret. So be ready for the world journey.

As you may see the image of Sir Albert Einstein you would have noticed the quote. If not then read it. According to this quote, everything in this world is made up of energy. You may have studied at your school, energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it just can transform from one form to another. So lets get in depth.

The Science Behind The Law Of Attraction

Your brain has the power to generate the waves. Those waves are known as brain waves. You might have seen the EEG, is simply works on the brain waves. So you have the power to generate brain waves. The scientific logic is that whatever you think your brain emits out the brain wave of some frequency. That frequency matters cause this will create all the necessary conditions regarding to your thoughts. There is some mighty power which generate your imagination into reality.

We are also energy and emits out energy but the difference is only about the frequency. Our brain only emits out the waves which are thought by our sub-concious mind. Every body has it's own vibrations, if the vibrations of your waves is same as to the vibrations generated by that body, it start attracting towards you and remember it can only be possible by that one universal energy source which governs the law of attraction.

Now the question comes in mind, is this really true. The answer is yes, if you believe, BELIEVE, by believing your mind creates the natural positive waves which results in your favour.

Since everything is energy, therefore everyone's brain is same and works as you want so it depends upon you how to use it, either creating it more powerful or just pass the way just as it is going. It's just as the poem of Robert Forst 'The road not taken'.

You have the ability to create your own world and whatever in this world is, it is only for you. Every happiness is for you. We are born here to be happy, and enjoy our life, but it vary from person to person, some are happy to see them ruling the world as some extraordinary person whereas for few happiness is respect and being a peaceful person, some want to be the great competitors, and for some love is everything. We Are Just Born To Be Happy.

The law lies within you. You are the master of your thoughts The birds sing for you. You are the master of Universe. No matter what you think you have the ability to turn your thoughts into reality.
You have the ability to be what you want.

Your passion is that madness which turns you, grows you, make you, whatever you want just by visualizing.

For my aspects the real world is of your thoughts, this world is just the imaginary world which you are able to see by one of your body organ. The real world is of our brains, how and what we think.

Your positive attitude can take you to your highest level and that level is not determined in any branch of science.

Now it's your time to take over any field and rock your world.

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Powerful Visualization

Visualization is the real-time thoughts which we imagine considering our sub concious mind. Visualization takes you to the new and controlled level of the law of attraction. This creates the direct link between your thoughts and sub-concious mind.

How To use The Law Of Attraction

I have mentioned all the necessary and small details of using the law of attraction. And for my own experience of using it I have created it interesting and easy to use. I every time say that it needs your believe and your patience, and that it is depend upon.

Note: But before starting it, I urge you to read the previous post cause it will create a self believe in you and prepare you mind for this law. Link for Previous Post is here :

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Concentration and Focus

Concentration and focus is necessary for this law. I know most of us don't like to do it but if you want to become the master of law of attraction. 

  Easy Steps :-

  1. Concentrate over for minimum 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Question arises, What do you think of during concentration, answer is nothing, NOTHING, for first seven days you must practice for concentration.
  3. Let your thoughts reverbrate around your mind, just try to keep calm.
  4. During this 7 days process you must try to feel your heartbeat and your internal body activities to have a control over your feelings.
now you are prepared for doing the actual process.

It's The Time For Asking What You Want

This is the time after you complete above processes.

  Easy Steps:-
  1. Now sit alone in your private room or place where nobody disturbs you.
  2. Take a notebook and a pen and note down what you are seeking off.
  3. Write down all the points and make sure they are correct and are written in the present form, nor past, nor future. Example- 1- You want a computer, just write it down as : There is a super cool computer in my room. 2- You want to have a girlfriend/boyfriend : I have a boyfriend/girlfriend who takes care of me and loves me most.
  4. Read this several times in a day and take a particular time to think about it.
  5. Now take one of thing you want and write down it's all the details. Mention all small to smallest detail of it's appearance and working, and if a person then it's behaviour with you and other.
  6. Once you done with that now its time for real process.
  7. Just hold down your breath and concentrate for about five to ten minutes.
  8. Read one by one details about it and try to feel that you already have it. Connect it with your brain and your internal soul (or heartbeat).
  9. Try to feel the same as when you are getting to have it in this world.

What if that you are Asking Now it's Time for the strongest part 'Believing'

You must have a believe on what you ask for. Cause this will try to create necessary conditions which will turn your thoughts into reality. Your believe will constantly throw your vibes from your brain.
  1. Your job is not to constantly tell the mighty power to create situation, your two or three times efforts can only made it true.
  2. This is the process which takes some time and does not instinctly works, so it is good for us to make changes to our thinking before it happens.

Just believing is not the complete process

Your must be grateful for what you already have and what you get after knowing this powerful process. Like you have a mobile phone which is very old then too you must feel grateful towards it and ready to receive newer stuff. Ask for newer stuff but don't forget to be grateful what you have. Being grateful this process becomes more powerful for you and conditions are created easily.

Now You are ready to use The Law Of Attraction, it's for you and you have the power to create your own life as you want ...

Note : 1-This law is not to harm anyone it may have adverse effect on you. So think positive and be positive. What if you not get what you want, cause now you know the law of attraction and use it get whatever you want but in a positive way.

2- Don't try to take revenge cause when you already have an oceans of opportunities waiting for you, seeking for you, then you must go on positive way.

3- You cannot change anyone's thoughts, your power is just to create necessary conditions which can create what you want no matter what it is cause everything in this world is energy.

See Where You Are?

Important Note : The above post contains the opinion and ideas of author and it is not responsible for any personal problems related to health, or disorder. Nor it is guaranteeing any particular results it depends upon your efforts.

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