How to Get Widget ID of Any Widget In Blogger or Any Blogs

This is a tutorial for newbies who want to learn to find out the widget Id of a widget in a blog. Here I am providing you two ways to find the widget id of any widget the first one is for users and second one is for most of the platform users.

1. For Blogger users:

>>> Open your blog by signing in your gmail account in which your blog is associated.

>>> after opening your website move your cursor towards the tool icon as shown in picture.

>>> You will find the widget id in the bottom of the page as shown in above picture.

2. For other platform users:

>>> Press ctrl+shift+i to open inspect element tool box or i.e. developer tools.Here I am using in Google Chrome.

>>> Click in the inspect icon as shown below.

>>> Then after selecting tool click on your widget at any place better you click on header.

>>> After clicking on your widget you can see your widget id in the inspect element tool as shown below.

This is a simple tutorial to show you how to find out widget id on any widget in blogger or any other platform.

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