The Technical Secret Behind Beauty : Presence Of The Golden Ratio

The secret behind beauty is the presence of the golden ratio.

What is the golden ratio?

The golden ratio is the ratio of 1:6 and golden number is 1.61803398875. You would now have been excited that how this golden ratio is the reason for beauty and attractiveness. Well this golden ratio means the ratio of one part to other.

Example : lets take the golden ratio of the teeth of a women

You would be able to know what is the ratio.It's actually the ratio between the one part of teeth to another or the one curve to another.

It is believed that the ancient sculptures or monuments were made according to the golden ratio.
Here is the some of the monuments describing the golden ratio in them.

Even the nature's beauty has also the golden ratio.You can see it below.

There are many softwares which judje the golden ratio in the image.
Example : The phimatrix -

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