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How to Monetize Your Youtube Channel By Adding Adsense

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If you are a Youtube publisher with an ownership of  a channel which is getting much view which make eligibility for you to add Google Adsense to your Youtube Channel then why should you wait.
Here is a simple tutorial which will guide you through all the processes of attaching adsense to your youtube channel:

1st Step:
Go to your channel by visiting Youtube and make sure that monetization is enabled on your channel then follow the below steps.

2nd Step:
Move your cursor to top-right side near to your channel Picture next to upload as shown in below picture and click on "Creator Studio".

3rd Step:
Now click on Monetization under the "CHANNEL" button.

4th Step:
Now in the same window "Guidelines and information" will be opened under it click on "How will I be paid"

5th Step:
Under the "how will I be paid"Click on associate an adsense account or click here : Adsense youtube
which will take you to this page below in the shown picture.

Now Follow all the steps to add adsense to your channel. Happy Earning!!!

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