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How To Align Widgets To Center,Right and Left

Posted By : Satyendra Maurya | Last Update : 8:28 PM | Category :
blogger align widget to center

Alignment of widgets is very necessary to have a beautiful look for the blog.
Here we are going to share these codes which will help you to align your blogger widget in center,right or left.
This all can be done using a simple html code:

Align your widget to center:

<div align="center">
Your widget code here...

Align your widget to right:

<div align="right">
Your widget code here...

Align your widget to left:

<div align="left">
Your widget code here...

Replace the above line in red with your widget html codes.Thank you.


  1. Works like magic thanks a lot...
    Can you help me to centre widgets like "follow by email, search box,etc?

  2. Generally, using single line examples is confusing. Where does the <div align=.. go? how do I associate it with a particular widget? Some surrounding code would be really helpful. Mark.


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