An Artificial Mother : Making your life comfortable the Russian gadget maker had created the first “programmable” mother. This device is connected to a number of sensors, known as “Motion Cookies”, that are placed throughout the house.

Sense Mother is at the head of a family of small connected sensors that blend into your daily life to make it serene, healthy and pleasurable.

Motion Cookies are the magical sensors that tune to your wishes. Motion Cookies are the first essential members of the ever growing Sense Mother family. Small and slick, they can be affixed to almost anything. They have the power to detect and understand the movements of objects and people.

The time has come for devices to learn to live with us instead of us learning to live with them. Sensors that understand things without needing to be told. Batteries that last for more than a year. Simple, button less devices. Sense Mother and her sensors have been designed to blend into your life and adapt to your behavior without requiring any effort, training or care from you.

Stop discarding devices when the service they provide is no longer of any interest to you. We have designed sensors that can re-adapt within a few minutes to meet your current concerns. Uses lasting a lifetime or a few hours, for critical or mundane concerns - you can entrust Sense Mother and her Cookies with the task without a second thought, whether or not your need deserves a dedicated device.

Your fitness, health, safety or domestic comfort are not isolated, independent realms of your life. Together they weave the fabric of your days and interact with each other. At a glance and in a single place you can find big and small moments, major and benign concerns, prioritized according to their importance and urgency. At last you can drop the pieces of your life's puzzle into place.

 Isn't this mother cool ???

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