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How To Convert Adsense Ad Code?

Posted By : Satyendra Maurya | Last Update : 2:14 PM | Category :
Are you trying to insert Adsense ads in blogger HTML template but it is not working?

What actually happen is that HTML is having a special type of handling for chars like < and > symbols,that's
the reason that it doesn't work well with these characters.
 The cause of adding wrong code may result in following problems:
>Blocks of text not appearing
>Broken formatting
>Not getting what you want to see
But there is a solution for this problem also.To fix this problem you have to 'escape' those characters.
For example: escaped char code for > is &gt; .

Here is a tool which can do it for you.This tool automatically converts javascript code into correct format so that you can embed it to any xml Template.

You can not only convert adsense code but can convert code for AdBrite,Chitika or any other javascript ad code which you have.

paste code

For converting the code click"convert" button after pasting the HTML ad code in the empty box.

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