10 New Tech Gadgets to Keep an Eye Out for This Year

2018 is here and new gadgets are on the horizon. The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has showcased the newest technology trends to expect this year but what specifically should you expect to see in the next year? This article answers that question by discussing 10 new gadgets you’ll see this year.

1. Smart Screens

The smart screen is slated to be a trend for 2018. The Amazon Echo Show and Spot, which debuted last year gives an indication of how useful they are for the home. Lenovo introduced something similar with its Smart Display. The device uses Google Home Assistant to do everything from telling you how the weather is to make a to-do list. It’s faster than the Echo Show and has a mute speaker and camera cover to address concerns over privacy.

2. Real-Time Language Translation

Translators are an important tool not just for traveling abroad but also in daily life. A gadget called Travis the Translator on Indiegogo is helping to change the way we use these important devices. It translates over 20 languages using a SIM card or WI-FI. All you have to do is select the language you’re speaking and the one you want to translate to. Hit an arrow and start speaking. Right after you stop it will repeat what you said in the other language. 

3. Truth Telling Scanners

In an age where we can track our heart rate and calories just with a fitness band or smartwatch, imagine what technology could do in other parts of our lives. LinkSquare is a scanner around the same size as a marker. It scans food to check if it’s no longer good. It also checks prescription pills and alcohol to see if they’re safe to consume too.

4. Ultra Violet Exposure

If you’ve ever wondered how much UV you’re exposed to every day, L’Oreal intends to solve the issue with its new tracker. It’s small enough to fit on a single fingernail and contains an NFC Antenna, UV sensor, and a temperature sensor. The tracker connects to a smartphone via an app and helps manage sun exposure.

5. Wall-Size TVs

Larger TVs have been a trend for quite some time now with many of the latest 4K and UHD TVs coming in sizes of 40-inches or larger. Samsung just elevated this concept, however. They recently debuted a 144-inch or wall-size TV. The TV isn’t merely large. Samsung calls it a modular device. This means that part of the screen will show regular TV while other parts blend in with the wall.

6. Sleek Laptop Upgrades

As devices get smaller and smaller, laptops don’t always seem to get the benefit of the latest technologies. But Lenovo has also induced microphones set up for far-field audio like the Echo and Google Home Assistant in its newest Thinkpad line up. Cortona and an HDR display round out a speedy machine.

7. Direct Sound Technology

Headphones have been around for a long time and through the years new innovations like Bluetooth have come out. But what if you could feed sound directly into your ears? Samsung’s S-Ray technology does just that and is compatible with everything from Bluetooth speakers to phones.

8. eBikes

A company called Smacircle from China introduced what they say is the smallest eBike on the market. It’s a foldable eBike that weighs just 15lbs. When folded up, it fits in a small backpack and is locked using a smartphone. It’s currently being funded on Indiegogo at a discount at is expected to retail for around $1500.

9. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the natural next iteration after 3D. But it’s not just confined to sleek goggles anymore either. In 2016, the company Skully Technologies launched a campaign on Indiegogo for its augmented reality helmet. It raised an impressive $2.5 million only to end up folding. Later this year, the company will give backers the Fenix AR helmet with a rearview camera and a 180-degree view on a transparent screen. It supports turn by turn directions via GPS, playing music, and making calls when connected to a phone via Bluetooth. It retails for around $1899.

10. Smart Antennas

A new smart antenna, due out in Spring 2018 picks up 60 channels without a subscription and works with a streaming device to become an all-in-one TV package without cable for just $99. 
The hottest gadgets coming down the pike in 2018 aren’t merely just about smaller and sleeker technologies. Rather, they are next step improvements or are rethinking the way existing technologies work for the better.

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