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Easy Cash Job Review | is Scam or Legit?

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People shamelessly cheat helpless and struggling people. There are men who either are misled or think they bring happiness in their lives by making money or fooling people.

Easy Cash Job Website(Homepage)

Easy Cash Job is yet another same kind of website which is earning a handsome amount by fooling people on a large scale. There are several ways to earn online but there is no direct way to do so as there is no shortcut for success.

Here at Techno Geek Zone, we are there to guide you identify these types of people who are totally focused on scamming people. The Internet is full of these types of Scammers who have a large network for giving shortcuts to earn a good amount which catches the interest of these needy people who search on the internet for jobs. These people usually get trapped in the traps of these websites offering shortcuts to earn but end up getting an ambush.

What's the working process of Easy Cash Job?

This may be the part where everything is going to get intense and disgusting. After using and testing a variety of online services, I have seen more than 10 programs that work very similarly with Easy Cash Job(ECJ).

Many of these referral based sites  generally do not pay their members. They're either paying you in stock, or they're going to ban your account when you're trying to withdraw the money.

Perhaps the worst possibility is there are rumors they could also grab your identity and attempt to hack into your banking account.

Note that you used an email and password to sign up for an account. Just be careful and cautious here and do not use any emails that are connected to your bank details.

There are many incidents which reveal that Easy Cash Job(ECJ) is a Scam

1. No owner or founder information is given on the website or anywhere else. The lawful business shall reveal details such as who is the founder of the business and where the company is based.

Unfortunately, however, you can't find something on the ECJ website. They seem to hide something from the users, and the customer service has taken forever to respond.

This is a major red flag incident, since contact is the key to the success of an online program.

2. The Easycashjob platform has no security safeguards on its platform to protect the data and privacy of individuals. Consequently, because this site is a fraud in itself, they will exploit the data on their own.

3. Very similar functioning to other Scam sites.

4. The work Easy cash job provides is referral work. The link is a successful tactic but the authentic platform and the scam sites make a small difference in the use of it.

Easy cash job platform that is scam doesn't have any real business. The only work that they want you to do is get more visitors to their platform.

And the work they would give to your referral is also to make further references. Easy cash job does not have any service to offer, or product. They utilize referral to cheat men.

Final Conclusion: Easy Cash Job i.e. is a Scam

Top 10 Features of Android 11 You Should Know

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Recently, Google's Android 11 Developer Preview page accidentally went live and Google has shocked us by actually releasing the first Android developer preview 11 (Android R) just after the leak. This could mean that the final roll-out of Android 11 will also take place earlier than before, or at least it'll be less sluggish.

Having said that, here are some of the launched new features and enhancements of Android 11. This is not an exhaustive list, but it does include most of Google's implemented additions.

#1 Send Image from Notification Replies

In Android Nougat, Google has given itself the ability to respond to notification updates from the notification drawer. But now, with Android 11, users can even send images from notification updates in the drawer right away. One can simply copy the picture and paste it into the response without having to dive into the document.

#2 Screen Recording

If you haven't previously used a Pixel or Android One handset, you'll be surprised to discover that screen recording has been absent on Android. But with Android 11, it looks as if Google is finally ready for that much-anticipated functionality. In the Quick Settings menu, users can start screen recording with a toggle. Notably, the recording feature on the screen currently does not allow audio capture.

#3 Scrolling Screenshots

Image Credits: XDA Developers

Scrolling screenshots is one feature that comes with most Android skins from third parties. Rather than having to take several interspersed screenshots with manual scrolling, scrolling screenshots do the job for you. For Android 11, it looks like Android 11 will ultimately allow scrolling screenshots. Although the feature is not yet live in the developer preview, it has been dug by folks at XDA.

#4 Scheduled Dark Mode

For Android 10, Google finally jumped with a system-wide Dark mode to do the dark side. Sadly, the dark mode could not be programmed to switch on automatically at night and turn off during the daytime. But now, with Android 11, users can configure the dark mode to turn on and off at scheduled times.

#5 Bluetooth Audio Codec Support

Android now also makes it easier for users to test which Bluetooth codecs support their truly wireless earbuds or Bluetooth earphones. Although the developer options in Android had a codec selection list, it didn't tell whether or not the codec was supported by the attached earphones. Now, when a pair of earphones are paired, the selection panel would automatically deactivate all codecs that are not supported. Because earphones do not always choose to choose the best codec, this is a nice addition to Android 11.

#6 Chat Bubbles

Image Credits: Android Authority

If you've ever used Facebook Messenger, you've met Bubbles before. Bubbles is a new messaging user interface that allows users to easily access ongoing conversations through floating bubbles. Tapping these bubbles open will open the chat, regardless of which program you use, and you can also swipe them down to pop them out. Ironically, on Android 10, Bubbles was introduced but had to be allowed in the options for developers. This isn't needed with Android 11 anymore. Expect more apps to take advantage of this, such as WhatsApp, Telegram and WeChat.

#7 Flight mode won't kill active Bluetooth connections

This may not look like a big deal, but it is. Do you ever want to turn to flight mode without having to ax your Bluetooth connection? Okay, I sure do. Yet Android hadn't been contextually conscious of this up until now. But with Android 11, this gradually improves. When you listen to music or watch a video with an active Bluetooth connection, it won't turn off when flight mode is disabled.

#8 Waterfall and pinhole screens support

Smartphone manufacturers have resorted to various methods in an effort to reduce bezels and enhance the viewing experience. While initial steps were notches and pop-up cameras, a lot of manufacturers are switching to pinhole / punch-hole displays and waterfall screens. Today, Google is growing support for such implementations with Android 11, so that app developers can easily make recommended changes for their applications to run without any problems.

#9 Dedicated conversation section

Android 11 is now introducing a new dedicated chat feature that will club all your messages together to make conversations easier. For that matter, these will be slotted above the other notification, such as app updates, emails or even Candy Crush notifications. This is a helpful addition considering how easy it is to miss a message in our crowded notification panels.

#10 One-time permissions

This is a feature we've seen oniOS and we couldn't be any happier it's making its way to Android now as well. This feature will allow users to provide applications with one-time permissions about location, storage, microphone or camera. It proves to be quite useful in programs that you don't use very often, but need to do so every now and then. Rather than making the apps have unlimited access, these one-time permissions make Android much safer. Before doing so, users would need to make use of the Bouncer program.

Best Laptop Under 45000 Rupees

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Are you searching for the best laptop under 45000? Then this is the right place for you. This complete post will cover only one Laptop which I found best suitable not only by specs but also considering the looks and design of the Laptop under this category of forty-five thousand rupees only. While buying the Laptop the only thing that hit our mind is it should also be attractive enough to represent your personality wherever you go and must be one of the best performers under your budget.

This ASUS Vivobook 15 series Laptop is the best laptop under 45000 rupees as it the balanced version of premium looks and the hardware specs which you will get for about forty-two thousand and eight hundred rupees only. This is ASUS Vivobook 15 x512da.

And how we can judge it..

Design and Looks

This laptop has the nano edge display with the premium design and the screen to body ratio is about 88%, a huge in number in all Laptops. It has very nice and precise bezels which give this laptop a premium feel. This laptop has been made so compact that you can easily carry it and the weight is only  1.6 kilograms including battery. It has 15.6 inches Full HD 1080p display with a 60Hz refresh rate which is optimum for normal usage. The keyboard is a chiclet keyboard with backlit functionality and the keys are so smooth that you can easily warm your hands on and work for a longer period of time. The Touchpad sensitivity is very smooth and it comes up with a fingerprint sensor for authentication. These were just a few details about how it looks but if you want more clarity watch this video.

Ergolift Technology

The most amazing feature that I personally like in this laptop is the Ergolift Hinge lift. This hinge gives a 2-degree keyboard lift and a better air passage so that the laptop can maintain it's cooling functionality in a better way. This lift is one of the best features that you can see in many premium Asus Laptops.

And why I say this Laptop is best under 45000 rupees, You'll get to know after these specifications.

CPU & Graphics

This Vivobook 15 series laptop comes up with Ryzen 5 3500U with integrated vega 8 graphics. The Ryzen 5 3500U has 4 Cores 8 threads and comes up with 2.1Ghz base clock speed which can boost up to 3.7 GHz. So, it has a pretty cool CPU.

When it comes to AMD CPU's most of the people don't like them just because they lack in benchmark test with Intel's 9th generation processors, but trust me AMD can give you much at very less cost. This AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor is far better than i3 ninth-generation but shares a bit lower bench with i5 8th generation. This CPU will give the performance close to intel's i5 8th gen processor and cost a very little. All this will change when we compare GPU performance of intel's internal graphics with AMD's integrated graphics.

This laptop has integrated Vega 8 graphics which is far better than intel's integrated UHD graphics  620 and 630. So it can run games like GTA 5, Apex Legends and PUBG PC Lite. The GPU performance is very good in this Laptop but I always recommend increasing RAM when you want to play games on this laptop.

This particular variant comes up with 512 GB PCIe SSD which has a maximum speed of 1.7Gbps. This SSD makes widows load so quickly that within 3-5 seconds you can see your login screen. It has 8 GB RAM which can be expanded up to 16GB.

Now coming to battery backup,

Battery Backup

I've been using this laptop for a little while but this laptop has a good and decent battery backup which can last up to 6 hours of normal usage.

It has 1 HDMI, 1 USB Type-C, 1 USB 3.0 , 2 USB 2.0 and a 3.5mm combo audio jack. The speakers in this laptop are not so loud but they give you a better sound quality in this segment. Apart from it, this laptop is perfectly suitable for students who are pursuing computer science courses and want a laptop for programming, decent gaming and for the day to day normal usage.

If this laptop wins your heart and you are planning to buy it, follow up on the affiliate link in the description below.

Best Gaming Products available :
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2. F&D F-203G 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System (Black)
3. Logitech C270 HD Webcam (Black)
4. Redgear Manta MT21 Gaming Keyboard and Gaming Mouse Combo (Black)

ASUS Vivobook 15 x512da Specs in Brief

 Processor  AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Processor
 Operating System  Windows 10 Home
 Memory  8 GB DDR4 2400MHz 
 Display  15.6" (16:9) LED-backlit FHD (1920x1080) 60Hz Anti-Glare Panel with 45% NTSC
 Storage  SSD: 512GB PCIe Gen3 x2 SSD
 Keyboard  Backlit Chiclet keyboard
 WebCam  HDWebcam
 Audio  ASUS SonicMaster Technology
 Battery  37 Wh Battery
 Dimensions  357.2 x 230.4 x 19.9 mm
 Weight  1.6 kg [with battery]

Best URL Shortener to Earn from Low-Traffic Websites/Blogs | BC.VC Review

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Hey Geeks! This is a post in which I will show you one of the best URL shorteners to earn some $ from your Low-Traffic websites or Blogs. Internet is full of many URL shorteners services but many of them are having a bad reputation among the users regarding their bad payment modes or either they are a scam. Besides these reputation issues, they are also indulged in some fraud activities like not paying their users even reaching the payment threshold.

I'm going to introduce you to one of the best URL shorteners I ever used. Most probably if you ever heard of shortening URLs then for sure you might have heard about BC.VC which is broadly used by publishers across the internet for shortening their URLs and you can use it to earn some extra amount from blogs/websites.

For those who are new to this term 'URL SHORTENER' then also there's no need to worry about that.
URL stands for UNIVERSAL RESOURCE LOCATOR and a URL of any webpage is a full address that is used to open/redirect any webpage.

URL shortener just does a simple work i.e. it shortens the full URL to a compact version URL. BC.VC is a URL shortener that lets you earn some DOLLARS for just shortening your URLs.

The process is simple:

  • You need to short a URL by BC.VC
  • Place URLs on a different social platform or on any Blog/Website
  • People will click and open your links
  • You will get a fixed CPM price for every 1000 link visitors.
Note: Users from different countries will get their pre-fixed CPM which is Cost Per Millen(Cost per 1000)

How you can earn some extra dollars besides shortening URLs?

BC.VC also offers an alternate method to earn some extra money by using their referral program.
They offer 10% of your referred person's income for a lifetime.

Here are some exclusive features of BC.VC

  • It is a new age URL Shortener will every need of the users.
  • It uses globalized advertisements. So, there are no scam ads and all such things.
  • One of the oldest URL Shortener that actually pays.
  • The CPM being given some countries are actually high.
  • A changed User interface rather than the normal interface which is seen everywhere.

Payment Threshold and Payment Method

Minimum Payout: $20 for Payoneer

Payment Frequency: Once a week

Payment Processor: Payoneer and Wire Transfer and Bitcoin(Selected Countries).

Join BC.VC:


I personally used BC.VC and they are legit with their Payments also. One thing I noticed is that they are sometimes late with the payments but they don't cheat their users on any ground. One can use BC.VC to earn some decent amount via their URL shortener. It is reliable and worth trying.

3 Tips for Finding the Most Engaging Kids Racing Games

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As we were browsing through various racing games to play that are suitable for kids, one of my friends recently shared a link that neatly organized the top games that are currently being played. I had a quick grasp at it and decided to check some of those games listed. It provided some great suggestions for some games which are definitely kid-friendly.

I’ve noticed that choosing the most engaging games can sometimes be tricky, so I’ve listed below 3 main tips that might help you.

Play games released by gaming developers that are popular

Top developers are very likely to know which car games are both addictive and most attracted by users. Usually, the free games are limited in terms of the racing tracks that are available. For more adventure and challenging tracks, you will more likely need to spend money on them.

Depending on the developers, the look and feel for each kids racing game can differ though the ultimate challenge may remain almost the same. Certain games are owned by franchises that have passed on through several generations such as Hot Wheels, which now zips through very challenging tracks. Games that require chasing others in a car tend to gain more popularity such as Common Sense Media’s LEGO DC Super Heroes Chase. The better developers are also aware that the kids racing games may not just be limited to cars. The more variations are the better.

Be the master of roads in every vehicle type

Car racing games have been popular through several years and kids have found their own sense of enjoyment in the past. However, kids nowadays find great joy in games that use other vehicles types. The fact that this experience doesn’t pose any threat to actual injury adds to the excitement. Some popular games in this genre include Peg + cat where the object that you race with includes a “pizza car”. 

With mobile gaming becoming popular, developers have found ways to incorporate features such as mobile phone vibrations to enhance the gaming experience. Depending on the situation experienced in the game, the vibrations can be reflected accordingly. Top-notch gaming developers are also able to incorporate the dynamics of the laws of physics to give kids a realistic experience of even driving without a license. Additionally, they could choose to drive a van or truck around a track or choose a sports car such as a Ferrari to take for a spin.

Experience different gaming experiences across multiple devices

Most games vary in type, while some games are developed to adapt to various devices. Accordingly, the graphics, detail, and functionalities may differ. For eg: a mobile car racing game may more likely be designed to make it compatible with VR (virtual reality) headsets. This gives the kids an ultra-realistic experience and sensation of being inside a car and to be constantly on the watch for oncoming traffic. 

Some games perform well both on Android and iOS and usually are similar in type. The firmware can, however, make them differ in terms of sound and picture quality. Using both hands on a larger device such as an iPad may also give the kids a sense that they are using an actual steering wheel. Additionally, some devices are compatible with console games too in which case, can be connected to a larger television for a better experience. 


Most parents are in fact worried about their kids spending too much time playing addictive games. However, there are ways to making it a learning opportunity if done right. The more realistic the car racing games are to a simulator, it will help kids learn the dynamics of driving on an actual road. After all, choosing a game with features that are right for each individual requirement is more likely to keep all parties happy.

The 10 Best Gaming Projectors Under $200

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If you’ve ever tried gaming on a projector, you may recall settling for a grainy display with dim visuals and blurred graphics. That was likely when projectors weren’t the most optimal for video games ― yet. Today, you can find decent projectors capable of 1080p resolution, high refresh rates, and little to zero input lag at a relatively affordable price point. The list below is a comprehensive buying guide on the best gaming projectors for under $200 available today. It should walk you through some key features to look for so you can make an informed decision.

These projectors can significantly enhance your gaming experience by giving you a larger display, high contrast ratio, and sharp color accuracy for a more immersive image. The input lag on these displays is hardly noticeable so you can avoid rage quitting while playing competitive multiplayer games.

Artlii Energon 1 Review

Most Innovative Games on Google Play Store

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Google's Play Store is the most trusted and widely used app store in the market. Google Play Store offers a wide range of apps and games which can be played on any compatible device having Android OS. Among that wide range of games, there are a lot of them which only occupy physical space in the Play Store but in the real hearts of gammers, they have no space left. Sorting those games from Play Store and selecting them which reside best on the side of real innovation and accomplishment, here are few games that we found really innovative this year that is 2019.

We kept those big influencing games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and others aside so that we can bring you the very selected games which have just placed their step into greatness innovation.

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Here are the games which are trending and innovative in the Play Store -

Crowd City

Crowd City, the game in which you have to run in the whole city to acquire or to capture the highest number of citizens to your side. You have to conquer every other small or large groups so that you can capture the whole city. The player which has a maximum crowd wins the match. What makes this game tough? Every opponent crowd has the same walking speed so you have to sense your movement through which you can capture another crowd. The disappointing feature in this game is that it is not available online. The game is only for offline users. You can only play with bots, which at a certain time makes it easier.

Milk Choco

Milk choco is yet another game but it is among the games which are multiplayer. This game seems to be for kids, but trust me this is not that easy game to play. The game has good servers which makes it free from lag and also there are decent players on the server available all time. The basic concept of this game is to survive until the end. It is the 5V5 player battle royale game. The game has good concepts and you can see the milk and chocolate levels, they are actually the team names. One team is milk and the other team is on the side of chocolate. You can see the gameplay in the video pinned at the starting of the post.

Bottle Flip 3D

It is the game which has a bottle as the main element of the game world. You have to pass the bottle through different levels and surpass the obstacles which act as the enemies. The bottle is controlled by your taps. Single tap to move bottle one flip ahead and double tap to move bottle two flips consecutively. The game is not simple, you will face difficulty as you reach higher levels you can see the rise in speed and also your accuracy with the bottle will be used.


Parallyzed, a game of mystery. The game has the concept of two sisters having different colors which are associated with some mystical powers. Red and blue colors are deeply associated with twin sisters. You have to swap both sisters on right time so that they can be matched with the same colored balls. The game has a different perception of playing.

Fun Race 3D

This game is the racing game but not that of cars or other vehicles. The game has two players you and your opponent. Both have to race through the end of the line. The speed of both players remains the same but you will encounter some of the obstacles that will push you back. These obstacles are a puch machine which will punch you on your face along a very narrow road, a slider which will slide you offtrack only a great timing can save you. The game has the concept of game shows like Takeshi's Castle which we all have enjoyed a lot when we were a kid.

The Walking Dead

This is a kind of RPG game which has won 90 Game of the Year Awards. This game has a great story and much wider gameplay that when you choose one option among others that will lead you in different situation harder than previous and the choices never meet again. The game has a real emotional impact on the players which makes it addictive because every character in this game has its own story and every choice made by the player leads to a different situation. I bet once you play the complete game you will get thoughts to play this game again and again with different choices. You can see a preview of this game in the video above pinned at the very starting of the post.

Monument Valley 2

This is the sequel of the award-winning game, Monument Valley, the game features the amazing concept of a valley where a mother teaches her child about the mystical adventures of that valley. You, as a player has to cross the valley's adventurous places. This is a puzzle game so it will require a lot of your brain. The game is not available for free on google play store, you can buy it for around 400 INR (5.62 USD) from play store.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Getting over it is one among the weirdest games that I really found on Play Store. It makes me laugh whenever I see playing any gamer. But the fact is that most of the people fail in completing the game. You play a character as Bennett Foddy holding a hammer in the hand and potted half inside a pot. You have to climb all the obstacles through hammer only. You have to climb mountains, climb chairs and many other obstacles which make is funny at the starting but very frustrating when you stuck at a point. The game is very difficult and challenging to play.

So these are some most innovative games for the year 2019 which I found on Play Store. These games are really fun to play and are very challenging, you must install these games at least once.

FLAROL Review | FLAROL is Scam or Legit?

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Everyone understands that scam is genuine and we're working against scam websites as well. We have seen many websites in this phase that are a scam. We read about some and placed them in the Scam Sites listing. We want every individual studying this blog to know about the work and essence of scam websites and individuals around you. Is this Flarol website scam? The solution is easy, yeah it is.

We don't suggest Flarol website for any kind of purchasing. There are numerous red signals that we discovered on this page that is frequently discovered in scam locations. So don't buy from their store and never-ever discuss your data with them.

The Truth About Flarol

First, now scammers send products to clients, but not the correct item. It implies the client receives the unnecessary item and when they object then the Flarol offers two methods, either you can return the product to the flarol and carry the shipping fees or they will reimburse 5-10% refund amount.

Second, when individuals call the phone numbers provided on the scam pages, they speak and pretend that they are real people and individuals drop into their pit. This point is a bit difficult, but this is what is happening nowadays.

Third, when individuals get scammed and complain about the website they tell them they're not scam and give some alternatives like you can back the delivery (you have to settle for it), get a voucher of some 60-70 % off on another buy, or can get 5-10% refund of your cash, etc. In brief, they've become so serious that it's becoming very hard to understand whether they're really scamming or not.

The only place that they can assist you in this situation is the information regarding the seller. Ask for data about the creator or proprietor. If they provide it, then inspect the data. We received attacks from scam websites, as well as requesting data from the proprietor and no one has ever given us. So, just continue searching and surprising oneself.

Signs It is Fake and Scam

  • No information of owner is available.
  • They have guarded their information in WHOIS records. 
  • The discount on any product without a sales season or even on fresh arrivals is a trap set by scammers.
  • Flarol has no safety steps, it may be because they are not a real location themselves and are prepared to misuse your information on their own.
  • Flarol doesn’t have any type of social media presence.

Final Conclusion: FLAROL is a Scam

Workzogo Review | Workzogo is Scam or Legit?

Posted By : Satyendra Maurya | Last Update : 12:39 AM | Category : |
Workzogo is an online data entry company which pays its members for doing many different types of tasks. In order to get into the depth of reality, we joined their program and something happened which was generally not accepted in terms of reality.

They give access to the users in 4 steps.

1. Joining workzogo
2. Get member access
3. Login member portal
4. Start work online

Well these are the most common steps one need to follow and they are simple too but here lies a gimmick in it as the 2nd step which is Get member access will leave you in doubt about this program. In the second step. they will ask you to pay a membership fee of approximately Rs. 700 which is $10.

The task they offer you are very easy like promoting the link, clicking on some links, data entry, etc. They will let you work but when you will apply for a payout then they will say that your earnings are not valid or they will ban you.

There are many incidents which reveal that Workzogo is a scam.

First, many of us have already get scammed by this web site. They offered signup bonus to them. The bonus cash offered is in $. The task they provide you're terribly simple like promoting the link, clicking on some links, data entry, etc. those who wish to form cash in short-cuts or people who haven't any correct information on a way to make money online they fall during this lure.

Second, nobody has ever attained any penny from this web site. The claims of constructing cash on this web site are fake. don't believe them as a result of usage of faux testimonial is incredibly common among scam sites.

Third, the owner data isn't accessible. It means that they're concealment their identity from us. this is often the principal characteristics of the scam web site. Therefore, don't believe their promise.

Fourth, Links accessible on this web site direct the user to malware links. It affects your pc additionally.

Fifth, the website uses its member’s data to sell to some third party or use it for a few unscrupulous purpose. Therefore, it's perpetually same that ne'er share your data with any web site concerning whose lot of information isn't accessible.

Final Conclusion: Workzogo is a Scam

Best Buy Laptop :

Redmi 8 and Redmi Note 8 Series | Officially Confirmed by Redmi General Manager

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After the successful market gains by Redmi 7 Series by Xiaomi. Redmi is now focussing its eyes on Redmi 8 series. Recently, Xiaomi sold over 5 million units of Redmi 7 series which includes Redmi Note 7, Note 7 Pro and Note 7S out of which Redmi Note 7 Pro has set a very high standard of hopes in the mid-range budget smartphones.

In February this year, Xiaomi India introduced the Redmi Note 7 series and the firm began to work on the successor Note aka Redmi Note 8. Redmi GM Lu Weibing has detailed the Redmi Note 8.

First, Weibing confirmed Redmi Note 8's presence. We've heard only a few rumors about Redmi Note 8 until now, sometimes. Now, some confirmation of the Redmi Note 8 has come from the Xiaomi for the first time. Weibing has stated that the firm has begun to work on the Redmi Note 8 series which involves the Redmi Note 7 successor as well as Redmi Note 7 Pro successor. It is anticipated that the Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro will be the successor phones.

In addition to confirming the Redmi Note 8, Redmi GM also suggests that compared to the Redmi Note 7 series, the Redmi Note 8 series will be much more strong. Not much is known of Redmi Note 8 right now. However, rumors claim the Redmi Note 8 is the smartphone powered by the MediaTek Helio G90 T processor. The Redmi Helio G90 T is the phone lately presented by Xiaomi India to the New Delhi - MediaTek event.

Separately, according to sources, MyDrivers published a report, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) lately mentioned an unidentified Xiaomi phone with model number M1906GT. The listing does not show precisely which device this can be, but speculation extends to the Redmi gaming phone, the Redmi 64-megapixel phone, or even Redmi Note 8. There's not much specific information about this phone, as you can say, and we'll have to wait for more details.

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