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How to Enable Electronic Image Stabilization/EIS on the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 [Solved]

Posted By : Satyendra Maurya | Last Update : 2:00 AM | Category :

Asus has launched a very decent and mid-range device named Zenfone Max Pro M1 in 2018 and it is no doubt one of the best phones in its category. As we all know that no phone in the market is a perfect phone and same goes for the Asus Zenfone Max Pro, it has many bugs and also lacks some of the most important features like slow motion videos, image stabilization, and pro mode camera settings.

We can't add any of these features but there are many apps available on the internet which can perform those operations for you. Here we have found a new way by which without installing any app or rooting the phone we can easily get most of these features but right now we will show you how you can enable EIS i.e. Electronic Image Stabilization in order to reduce shakiness effect from a video.

Here are the steps which one needs to follow in order to enable EIS on the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1:

1. First of all, you need to open the camera app.

2. Tap on Camera Settings.

3. Look for “Redeye Reductions” and tap on it until you get a notification saying that you’re now in Developer mode.

4. Switch to the video mode.

5. Set the video resolution to less than 4K. 1080p and 720p are recommended..

6. Toggle the “Image Stabilization” option in the Settings and select on.

7. Now record any video and you will see an amazing difference in the video. Also, the shakiness will also be reduced to almost zero and your video will be more stabilized now.

OnePlus News: A Flagship Smart 4K TV Launching Next Year by OnePlus

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Hey folks, introducing you with another news of the week and this time it's all about the smartphone flagship killer OnePlus, which is going to launch it's smart 4K TV by the next year. OnePlus, a brand named for it's smart phones which is just killing all other mobile phone companies at the price tag in which they are providing specs for the phones but now they turned to make a smart TV for the home entertainment.

On Sep 16, Pete Lau, Founder and CEO of OnePlus, tweeted "Excited to take the next step forward together! What would you like to see in the OnePlus TV? "

What They Call It?

In the 5 year journey of OnePlus it has introduced us with 8 Flagship smartphones and had constantly exploring other technology, and now they have announced launching their smart 4K TV which they call 'OnePlus TV' which will be in market by the mid of 2019. "We want to bring the home environment to the next level of intelligent connectivity.", Pete Lau mentioned in their OnePlus Forum. They are building a premium, with a flagship design their OnePlus TV. They are focusing more one Audio and Video quality which is the main feature of any TV and mentioned to provide a Home Connectivity experience form their smart 4K TV, the OnePlus TV.

Do you think OnePlus will be successful in making it's Smart TV a Flagship? [Comment your answer below]

Features of OnePlus TV

A Flagship designed TV will be coming soon to fit best into your Home Entertainment. The OnePlus TV will bring premium quality experience and just like OnePlus smartphones you need not to worry for buying any other TV for straight 5 years because it will provide 5 years of updates for it's OnePlus TV. Launching with flagship design, Lau said that OnePlus TV is going to emphasize more on audio and video quality experience and it will come with AI Support. The AI Support for OnePlus TV may be taken from a third party, google assistant or amazon alexa. It may be possible they introduce their own AI Support for their smart TV. 

An inbuilt camera will be leaded to enhance it's AI experience for authentication and for the video chat. They are more concern with the home privacy with their upcoming TV. We actually don't know how they going to make home privacy more secure as it's a new topic to introduced in television world. As the flagship is set for their smartphone similarly they will provide their OnePlus TV on that set price range with the LED 4K display. The operating system is most probably going to be none other than Android. A special microphone is provided to control your TV from anywhere in the range. OnePlus's CEO, Lau has tweeted the news of launching it's OnePlus TV but it is not officially announced by OnePlus that they are launching any TV so stay tuned to TechnoGeekZone for upcoming news of OnePlus TV.

[Another News: Google's Chrome get fingerprint authentication on android, mac and windows.]

Have a look what Pete Lau says
This is a huge step in the OnePlus journey, but like each step along the way, one that we have taken with intense consideration and deliberation. There is great challenge in pushing new boundaries in technology and innovation, but even greater fulfillment in meeting people around the world impacted by our products every day. Here’s to taking the next step together.
Never Settle
Source: OnePlus Forum

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Do you think OnePlus will be successful in making it's Smart TV a Flagship? [Comment your answer below]

Is Xiaomi's POCO F1, really a True Flagship Smartphone?

Posted By : Satyendra Maurya | Last Update : 3:23 AM | Category : | |
In late August of 2018, Xiaomi India launched a new phone under a sub-brand POCO. They claim it to be the cheapest flagship device because for sure, based on specifications provided by Xiaomi on this POCO F1 is exactly what a flagship phone consists of.

Poco f1 pocophone

Many OEM are now focusing on the flagship models in order to conquer the market of Samsung and Apple's flagship market series. The recently launched Asus Zenfone 5z Created a buzz in the flagship market industry and no doubt it has some serious capabilities to beat another flagship king - the OnePlus 6. Also coming to price Asus Zenfone 5z is aggressively priced at $500 but that's also not the cheapest flagship after the launch of POCO F1 which is now available at $300 only and it is the cheapest of all phones with Snapdragon 845 SoC which is a flagship processor from Qualcomm.

Biggest Keyword Mistakes that Most Bloggers Do | SEO

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Keyword and SEO

One of the biggest dilemmas in the SEO world is knowing exactly every factor of Googles search engine results policy. Eventually, nobody can guess what next factor Google is about to bring which will affect your blog post either adversely or it will turn into your favor. All the factors that we implement on our blog, may or may not help us in reaching on the better position from where we are currently standing. Apart from good content, SEO makes the biggest part of growing our blog and help us to reach the higher levels.

Chrome Gets Fingerprint Authentication on Android, Mac and Windows

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Fingerprint Authentication

As of September 13, 2018, chromium the official blog of open source project declared their update of Chrome 70 which has got two updates and these allow authentication through your fingerprints. How easy it would be to secure all your surfing data on your finger’s security, no need for additional App lock applications which sometimes may compromise with the security. This update let you to scan fingerprints through macOS TouchID and Android’s fingerprint sensor. It was possible due to the Credential Management API’s PublicKeyCredential type.

Chrome 70, the beta version has got something more, called Shape Detection API which let browser to detect faces, barcodes, and text present in the images. But these features may make your browser to perform abruptly! Really, no Chrome 70 works fine without killing the performance of your device and is able to identify faces, and text in images, though the chrome Shape Detection API is kept for experiment due to some certain reasons.

Also Disabled FullScreen

Chrome disabled fullscreen mode whenever any dialogbox appears. This update was added specifically for when you are doing transactions or picking up the file through dialog box in the fullscreen mode it cause trouble and to remove these troubles chrome provide it with update. The update let browser to exit fullscreen mode whenever any dialog box prompts out.

Here is the list of some updates that chrome 70 brings out –

  1. Face Detection API – to detect faces over web
  2. Barcode Detection API – to detect barcodes 
  3. Text Detection API – to detect text in any image
  4. Credential Management API – for fingerprint authentication
  5. Exits FullScreen when dialog box appears
  6. Web Bluetooth – for Windows 10
  7. WebUSB on Dedicated Workers
  8. AppCache was removed
  9. getter for HTMLFrameSetElement was removed
  10. Gamepads.item() was removed
  11. DOM v0 will soon be removed in Chrome 73
  12. SpeechSynthesis.speak()will soon be removed in Chrome 73

Source : Chromium Blog

How to Prevent Chrome from Reloading Pages while Switching Tabs? - [Solved]

Posted By : Satyendra Maurya | Last Update : 7:46 PM | Category :
Sometimes when we open a lot of tabs in our Chrome browser then it sometimes reloads every page which we opened sometime before the currently used tab, so we need to wait in order to reload it. Just think about the situation in which you are working on some form filling website and apparently you need to open other tabs but when you again open that previous tab then it reloads your page causing a loss of work and time. But no need to worry about it as we have figured out a solution for it. 

This is not a serious issue because opening lots of tabs in chrome consumes memory and uses lots of resources. So, in order to maintain speed, chrome halts every other tab in order to save memory.

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can prevent or stop chrome from reloading pages while switching tabs every time. Just follow the steps given below

1. Copy the code given below and paste it in the address bar and press enter

2. A window will open as shown in below picture

3. Now we need to disable the "Automatic tab discarding". For this click on 'default' next to the highlighted option and click on Disabled.

4. Now press CTRL+F to find/search box and type reload in it. Soon after typing you will notice "Offline Auto-Reload Mode" option. Now you also need to disable it.

5. When you will click on Disabled it will show a prompt box somewhere below in window asking to relaunch chrome. So, here is the final step in which you need to relaunch it by clicking on Relaunch Now button.

6. Hola! your problem will be solved as soon as you will relaunch the chrome. Hope this will work fine for you and Have a great day.

[Solved] Bootstrap 4 Vertical Progress Bar | Create Vertical Progress Bar

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Bootstrap always provides us with the horizontal progress bars but it does not provide vertical progress bars. In some cases we need vertical progress bars but also require bootstrap environment. So here is the trick to create vertical progress bar in Bootstrap 4.

Create Vertical Progress bar in Bootstrap 4

See the Pen GXMazd by Nicket Singh (@nicket-singh) on CodePen.

Step 1 : Add Bootstrap 4 Progress Bar

<div class="progress" >
<div class="progress-bar bg-danger" role="progressbar" style="" aria-valuenow="80" aria-valuemin="0" aria-valuemax="100">

Step 2 : Add Style to Your Code

position: absolute;left:50.5%;top:40%;width: 2.5%;height:50%;opacity: 0.8; filter: alpha(opacity=80);
position:absolute;top:20%; width: 100%;height: 80%;

How to Increase/Decrease Progress

In the default bootstrap 4 we increase/decrease progress by increasing/decreasing width of the '.progress-bar' as it was Horizontal Progress Bar.

But here we will use 'height' and 'top' to change progress of Bootstrap Vertical Progress Bar.

position:absolute;top:30%; width: 100%;height: 70%;

position:absolute;top:50%; width: 100%;height: 50%;

position:absolute;top:70%; width: 100%;height: 30%;

Here is the Complete Code :
See the Pen GXMazd by Nicket Singh (@nicket-singh) on CodePen.

Play Only Audio from Youtube Videos | Only Audio Youtube Extension for Chrome and Firefox

Posted By : Nicket Singh | Last Update : 9:57 AM | Category : |

We all love youtube videos and watch videos most of the time on youtube but not only we watch videos but also play some beautifully sung songs across the world. To save your internet data from getting used by those youtube videos which you might not be watching, we have Only Audio Youtube Extension for chrome and Firefox.

What Audio Only Extension Does?

Audio only extension lets you to play only audio out of youtube videos, enabling you to save more internet data without compromising with the audio. It lets you to explore the same youtube interface without disrupting it. You can explore the same youtube that you were using before the extension loaded. The extension only stops the video to be buffered on your system, not disturb any other youtube elements which helps you not to compromise with the youtube experience.

How to Load Extension?

Here are few simple and easy steps to follow :

For Chrome :

  1. Visit : chrome web store
  2. Search for  'Audio Only Youtube'.
  3. Find the one which is Offered by Phantom. if you are not able to find it, follow :
  4. Click on Add to Chrome.
  5. Click on Add Extension.

For Firefox:

  1. Visit : Firefox Add-on Store :
  2. Search Youtube Audio only.
  3. Click the one with Author as craftwar.  if you are not able to find it, follow :
  4. Now click on 'Add to Firefox'.
  5. Click Add.

How To Play Audio Only from Youtube Video

Activate Extension : Once You have added Extension for your browser click on the Audio Only Extension if it is not activated.



Now Refresh the Page and Play following Video :

Now Goto Youtube an play some videos.
Here is one video which I suggest you to play :

How to use Ionicons in Web Page | One of the best Free Icons for Commercial Purpose

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Ionicons are beautifully crafted open source icons. Unlike other icon providing websites they provide icons for free to use under MIT license. These icons are very easy to use and come along in two different styles, Material Style and iOS Style. You can use these icons into your website, projects or any where you may feel like. Since they preserve their rights under MIT License, therefore you are required to put a copy of MIT license where ever you are using these premium icons.

How can you use Ionicons?

There are two methods of using these ionicons, one by downloading .svg file and the other by web component code.

Follow these steps to correctly use these Ionicons :-

1. Goto

2. Select any App icons with any of the style.

3. Method 1 - Downloading .SVG File

          a. To use these ionicons by downloading SVG File, first download .svg file.

           b. Now open your project and include the following stylesheet inside <head> tag of your website.

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

          c. Now you can access the icon by following code

<ion-icon src="/path/to/external/file.svg"></ion-icon>

Method 2 - Web Component Code

           a. To use web component code firstly include the stylesheet inside your website's <head> tag.

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

           b. Now click any one of the icons and just copy the web component code and paste it wherever you want to use. The Code will appear like this

<ion-icon name="airplane"></ion-icon>

4. Now after using the icon to your website, it's time to include the MIT License.
Since, ionicons are licensed under MIT License you need to include the MIT license so that you may use these icons legally. You can include this license anywhere inside the website.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

You Must Experience These 7 Upcoming Games At Least Once In Your Lifetime

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PlayStation games are always cool and enjoyable but these upcoming games will change your experience of playing games till now as they include thriller, reality based experience along with improved graphics and sound. Here is the list of 7 games which are soon coming to rock your PlayStation.

Death Stranding - The OpenWorld Action

Source : pgrepublic

Death Stranding, a game by Kojima Productions is an Open World Action game like those of GTA series. The game is only published for PlayStation 4. The game trailer was released on 11 June but till now the date of release is not yet confirmed. The game trailer starts with the born baby that was overtook by the main character, Sam into some preserved chamber. The game trailer seems to be confusing for the viewers but it finally depicts death and life connected with the same string. In this game the death characters remain into the same world where living characters live. They can affect the living characters into the game, as the GamePlay trailer suggests. As per looking the gameplay trailer, it appeared to be shot on PlayStation 4 Pro.


The Last of Us 2 –Action Adventure & Survival Horror

Last of Us 2 is an action-adventure and survival horror game for PlayStation 4. The game is developed by Naughty Dog, the developers of the popular game series “Uncharted”. The story of the “Last of Us 2” is the sequel of its first part “The Last of Us”. The game has Joel and Ellie as the main characters as that seen in its first part. Troy Edward Baker and Ashley Suzanne Johnson play roles of Joel and Ellie respectively. As the first part of the game “The Last of Us” focus on love whereas the sequel “The Last of Us 2” focuses on hatred. The game contains so much violence that it is not suitable for children. It is said that the game may feature a multiplayer option. Sony PlayStation blog reported The Last of Us 2 as the most awaited game for the year 2017. The Last of Us sold over 17 million copies as of April 2018, let’s wait until the “The Last of Us 2” come along and join the journey with its improved graphics only developed for Sony PlayStation 4.

Ghost of Tsushima – Action-Adventure & Open World Stealth

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions for PlayStation. In the game players are free to explore the world without any guidance of waypoints (as E3 Game trailer suggests). The story of the game begins in 1274 on the island of Tsushima, the time when the Samurai Warriors were the legendary defenders of Japan. The story is based on the invasion of Tsushima by the Mongol Empire. The main character, the player, Jin Sakai is the last Samurai left who can lead freedom to Japan but he have to go beyond the Samurai traditions to fight back on. The game has tremendous graphics as it is in 4k.

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Action-Adventure

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an open world action adventure game developed by Insomniac Games only for PlayStation 4. The game story is slightly different as that of comic or the film based on Spider-Man character. The game story focuses on both of the perspective of being a Super Hero as Spider-Man and being a common man as Peter Parker. The Spider-Man in this game is not the same spider-man as that was seen earlier in games, movies or comics; he is 23 year old experienced with the better moves which let him to save New York City whenever it needs. In some of the parts of the game, player plays as Peter Parker. The game will feature Kingpin, Shocker, Mister Negative, Rhino, Scorpion, Electro, Vulture and Taskmaster villains. The games release date is announced on September 7,2018.


Call of Duty Black Ops 4 – FPS

Source :

Call of Duty games are the one which are played by every gamer in the world at least once. After launching Call of Duty Black Ops 3 now they are launching its fourth sequel in October 2k18. The game feature previous characters of Black Ops3 Ruin, Prophet, Battery, Seraph, Nomad, Firebreak and will include four new characters also Recon, Ajax, Torque, Crash. For single player gamers it’s bad news that Black Ops4 will only be a multiplayer game, it do not feature Single Player mode. But who in the days of multiplayer gaming think of a Single Player battle. Till Black Ops 3 Single Player option was available but now the game will discontinue the Single Player option from Black Ops 4.The game has the largest map than any other Call of Duty games featured till now. It is developed for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Sony PlayStation 4. The game features one of the best cinematic experiences. It is said to be the biggest Zombies offering game till now. Hold your breath it’s coming on 12 October, 2k18.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Action-Adventure

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a third person game which features both Single Player and Multiplayer features. It is the game based on the Western Theme, like those old American Stories of Cowboys. The story of the game is based on the character Arthur Morgan but it also features old characters John Marston and Dutch Van der Linde from its first part, Red Dead Redemption. The game is developed over Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, the same engine they used to develop GTA games. The release date of game is announced to be October 26, 2k18. It is available for PlayStation4 as well as for Xbox One.

Days Gone – Action-Adventure & Survival-Horror

Days Gone another game that feature zombies as the main enemy. The game is developed by Bend Studio on Unreal Engine 4 which provides it the most amazing graphics and cinematic sequence. The game does not only involve zombies as the major enemy but also it has animals more than any human present in the game. The animals evolve very quickly according to the player’s move. The game deals with the survival and instinctive skills of the main character Deacon  St. John. The global pandemic killed almost all the humans and turned them into “Freakers”, zombie like creature which evolves very quickly. It has both short range and long range weapons. The game also feature stealth mode to kill enemies. The game is only developed for PlayStation gaming console and the release date is announced to be on February 22, 2019.

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